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IN THE INTEREST OF INFLATING MY OVERSIZED HEAD, (which you can see to your right, my left, as I reveal my true identity) and also because I don't have anything to write about tonight, I thought I'd cross-post some of the comments I have received about Musical Ramblings' posts in other forums.

Consider this a shout-out to you all. I love all your feedback, so keep reading! I'm humbled by your words.

From Myspace:

Brooke Barrettsmith: You're a sweetheart yourself JD! Thanks for all the wonderful things you do and say on my behalf. i will never forget your support. The interview was fun!

Joy Whitlock: Hey! Glad you like the tunes. I should be playing at the Hi-Tone near the end of April. And, yeah, you can blog a review.

Line of Fire: Man, YOU are awesome!!!! Thank you SO much!!!! ROCK!!! Shawn / LINE OF FIRE

From the email box:

Traci: Hi, Can't believe I'm writing to you, but I so enjoy your recaps of AI. Anyway, your writing style reminds me of an author I think you might enjoy. Have you ever heard of Tim Dorsey? He was a reporter for the Tampa Times and turned to writing fiction full time. He is a little Dave Barry-esque, and I know you enjoy him. So, next time you're in a bookstore, you should check him out. His jacket picture even reminds me of the picture you have posted on your site, lol. Take Care and keep writing, you're wonderful

cactusgirl: LOVE your American Idol blog reviews. Will miss the live updates but understand you have a life. You certainly have an intriguing writing style. Ever thought about becoming a stand-up comic? I count on your blog for my weekly dose of belly laughs.

Ashley Melnick (featured artist--see unsigned links): Hey J.D.! I was just online the other day just browsing through the web when I came across your blog. I really liked what you said and how you interpreted my music. It truly means a lot to me to have someone understand my voice and music and your words described it perfectly. Thanks again! Ashley Melnick

Mike: Hi. I've been reading your site now for a couple of months and for the first time, I have a small disagreement. I love your wit and your humor. Also, you and I see eye to eye on many of the contestants. However, I have one thing to ask about. You say that you would like to see more of them "out of their comfort zone." I don't like Kellie Pickler, and I hate country music even more, but I don't agree that she should have to sing anything other than that. In my opinion, this is a competition to get a recording contract. To me, that means that I should be hearing from the contestants the music that they would be likely to put on their CD.

From the American Idol official boards:

boltman: Great recaps dude. Your sister Tabitha has a nice sounding voice too.

MyEarsDontLie: Nice sarcasm. Better than the Jaded recap that I read a few times last year.

amnesiac: The fact that you are articulate still leaves me cold because since I can READ and stuff, your comments are glaringly biased to someone who didn't watch the show. NEXT.

honeyrose: another one two good review. So funny, so right on, so good. I could hardly vote for any of them, but I did. wont tell you whom I voted for cause apparently I sipped a little to much vino and now I am a Paula. So Blah Blah Blah until tomorrow funnyman. with all this praise funnyman are you going to be able to carry me across the threshold or will you be carrying your head? hahhah

vlumpp2: You are HILARIOUS, I laughed so much I was brought to tears.

burberry: You are starting to grow on me in the same kind of way Bucky is growing on me.

shoshana1: Loved your review it was more entertaining then the show itself.

Tigerrunt: J.D. I read your reviews every week and I will have to say that I really enjoy your writing style and if you don't already have a job as a writer, you should consider it for a career.

H20schild: Terrific review..enjoyed the review a bit more than the show. I laughed so hard my husband actually came in to see what I was reading. Thanks!!

Baby_Daddy: You really dont know Music Fat MAN

ironmjf: This is the first time I have ever responded to this post. Whoever wrote this did a phenomenal job. It was funny as heck, accurate and did I say funny as heck? I will continue to follow your musings. Mike F

cctop: J.D., you have a new fan.

MackTK: Another entertaining piece of work by the master! Man, I don't know how you do this. It's better than anything I've seen anywhere on the net. I've read tons of blogs on AI - IMO you don't have an equal. How in the world do you come up with some of this stuff?

cfrenchslp: Once again, a side splitter. Thanks!

piannabelle68: J.D., teeheehee I think I peed a little!

thekid67: J.D., yours is the first recap I look for after the show. Once again, a fabulous piece of work. I enjoyed it more than the show itself. I especially liked your Kellie review. Inbred-esque moron was a nice touch.

taylornme: made me snort, cry and pee from laughter all at the same time....didn't know I could do that....!

matsellah: What can I say? I look forward to your reviews. Crazy funny and pretty insightful. And the best part (because I'm overseas), I read 'em while the show is running.

idolfanmi: But I enjoy reading your reviews every week!! Yours is always the first one I read because you make me laugh!!! Keep it up!!!


moonchild71: Just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to reading your stuff each week. Your friends are lucky people.

pensmith: Your contestant bashing makes me think you really have nothing worthwhile or intelligent to say.

ilexleaf: I have to say that I love Bucky. I also love Kellie only because they seem to be the only REAL people on the show; even as dumb as they appear. I do NOT like Paris. Her speaking voice makes my dog howl all night. I was a huge fan of Chris but it seems like his hair fell out because his ego is getting bigger. I hope he gets a little humility back before he wins this thing. But your view of the events are dead-on. J.D. will you marry me?

DocDonna6264: ROFLOL...Your sense of humor is definitely your strong point. Loved the review. We differ on some but that's okay...that's why they're called opinions. Thanks for the laughs!

outragedfan: jd. a thing of beauty. i left a comment last night, after checking out your take on this week's "singing". being on the west coast, i admit i take advantage of the time difference, especially, in fact, on results night. so much more fun watching the simpsons in syndication rather than fifty minutes of commercials for ford. i swear, sometimes those kids look like rabbits strapped in for a round of oven cleaner at the lab. pure terror. anyway, as per my usual habit, i read your recap and THEN watched the show. to any readers out there in this time zone: i can't recommend my method of viewing enough. obviously i am biased, but especially after a bataan death march like last night, pre-anticipating the dreadful performances is way more fun when you can do so with a belly full of JD goodness to keep you company.

badkitty13: I look forward to your reviews each week more than the show. You really should have the "official" recap spot instead of jaded.

wandasan: Do you do standup in your spare time?!! Seriously, get over yourself!!! If you don't like the show, don't watch it. Otherwise, please keep your blathering to yourself.

TaylorsDame: Your recaps are the best here, dude! You're funny and you know your stuff, even if you don't seem to have too much love for Taylor.

ToneDeaf: I haven't seen the show yet, JD, but I found your recap and comments very, very entertaining. You do have a wicked twist with words and images.

Cleopatra2u: Hey, JD, I am enjoying your recap again this week. You really do have a gift for writing.

From on Usenet:

Cassie: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your them! thanks so much for taking the time to do them!

refugegirl: Now stop it - Bucky is a cutie. And he speaks well of YOU. Otherwise, good recap - these things are getting even better than the shows have been.

goldenmike: Thanks! I have been logging on looking for your post. Bless you!



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LOL, nothing like posting a lot of comments to keep all you regulars from commenting :P

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well, we've praised you and your blog enough! what else is there for us to say?


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