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I had several reasons for making the trip to this year’s Reality TV Convention in Nashville. First, I knew Jessica Sierra was going to be there, and she’s such a little sparkplug, so I figured she’d be fun to get to know and be around. I also knew Scott Savol was going to be there, and I always rooted and voted for him last year. Plus, I just figured it would be a good time. So I made plans and got my ticket in order.

And then I found out Lindsey Cardinale was going to be there.

Lindsey was one of my very favorites last year, and I always thought she had been short-changed in the American Idol voting process. I really enjoyed watching her, loved her smoky southern voice, and …okay, I’ll admit it…I had a huge crush on her. So basically, any chance there might have been of me backing out of going pretty much went to nil.

I got to the Nashville Hotel Marriott early, way before time to go in. I watched a lot of the reality celebs go in, nodding to some like Jon the Blazer from Kept, and even saying “hi” to some like Moe from The Biggest Loser. But when Lindsey walked by, about all I could muster as I turned around to see her walking in was “uh.” Not even that really. Certainly not anything audible that she might have heard. All I knew was that one of the most graceful looking women I have ever seen had just glided by me looking like a million bucks.

But you all know that kind of thing doesn’t last with me. As it turns out, Lindsey is very approachable and almost shy. It’s pretty easy to tell that she’s a natural performer, but maybe not as natural as some of the others. Not that that’s a bad thing, though, because it’s quite charming. She never pretends to be anything else but a down-home southern girl, still dealing with having fame and still remembering her raising.

So, I struck up a conversation with her.

Okay, that’s a lie, she struck up one with me while signing a cover for her new CD single. I was still trying to figure out what to say in her presence. It was just weird, because I had JUST talked to Kristen McNamara and Toni Ferrari, both of whom are major babes, with no difficulty at all. But Lindsey was different…

In any event, I finally overcame my shyness and probably annoyed Lindsey to death all day, but still she was very cool and engaging, and she jumped at the chance to do a quick interview with me! And here you go:

J.D.: Can you tell me your most interesting American Idol story?

Lindsey: Um, I may have to think for a second but…hmm…interesting, like something funny that happened to me on the show?

J.D.: Yes, or anything outrageous, etc.?

Lindsey: Oh! Oh! I can tell you this. Once, Carrie and I, when we had our apartment, they were really nice, and they had exercise rooms, so she always wanted to go and exercise. And I was like, nahhh, I don’t really want to do that. We’re just going to stay in here by the pool. Whatever. So one day she FINALLY got me to go down there, and me and Mikalah went with her. I carried a bag of Doritos chips, and I just sat there and ate the whole bag. And then it was just like kind of a joke. Every time Carrie would go work out, she didn’t wanna go by herself, so I would just bring Doritos and Gummi Bears and just eat while she worked out. And it was funny, because it was like, y’know, I’m meeting people that work out every day and run six miles, and here this girl is in here with a big bag of Doritos.

J.D.: How did you feel when you were cut from American Idol?

Lindsey: Um, I kinda knew, like beforehand. I said it, like that week. I was like, y’know, I think I’m going home this week, and I kinda prepared myself. Y’know, I really felt like if it would’ve been a major shock to me, my story right now would probably be different, but I…I really felt like it was, y’know, my time to go.

J.D.: What kind of plans do you have coming up in the near future?

Lindsey: Um, I start an album in July, with Grammy award winning producer, Mr. Paul Jackson, and he’s here in Nashville. But in the meantime now I’m singin’ and travelin’ and doin’ shows.

J.D.: Yeah, I heard about the Strawberry Festival.

Lindsey: Yeah, that wasn’t fun. (laughs nervously)

J.D.: Well, still, there has been a lot of good response from your fans on the web, it appears.

Lindsey: Oh yes.

J.D.: How have your fans been rallying to support you?

Lindsey: Um, I have like, 3 or 4 different, like MAJOR fan groups, y’know, that I try my best to respond to. But, um, of course, you know it’s gotten to where it’s kinda hard to do all of them, so I just have my main message board on Well, actually I think that’s still in the works. But, um, it’s just, y’know, just the fan clubs. They made up names for themselves while we were in the show, and then they helped with the end when I got cut. But they’re still 100 percent.

J.D.: I have looked at your myspace and you seem to have a lot of friends there.

Lindsey: Yeah. (big smile)

J.D.: What is the most important thing that you’ve taken away from your Idol experience

Lindsey: Um…the most important thing that I’ve like gained from it? Hmm… The most important thing and this sounds like really cliché like everybody says it y’know, always stay true to yourself, but I never thought that I would come across an experience where that would really matter to me. But it really matters! Y’know, Scott said earlier [in the panel discussion] not everybody’s gonna like you, and if they do that means you’re not happy with yourself, because you’re not being true to yourself so…

J.D.: What else would you like to say to your fans out there?

Lindsey: Just thank you so much for everything that you’ve done, because every vote counted. It really did. I mean, the things I get to do now, the places I get to go, the people that I get to see, it’s been fun. It’s been a lot of fun.

J.D.: When do you think your new album will hit the shelves?

Lindsey: Well, like I said, I don’t start on it until July, so it will probably take about a year. But keep checking up with me! And thank you, very much.

Lindsey has a single that she has put to disc out now, and you can find out more about that at The two songs on her single (“Drive” and “Nothing Like a Dream”) are available for streaming at Lindsey’s Myspace. Lindsey also blogs occasionally at You can also check Lindsey’s message board at (Note the middle initial is included in her name.) And finally, if you want to purchase plenty of Lindsey swag (and you KNOW you do) swing on by her online store.

So how good is this girl? Very good. She’s a wonderful country singer. I’ll tell you more about it soon, when I post my review of the concert!

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At 3:06 PM, Blogger Bathroom Hippo said...

Lol @ Scott.

I hated him.

At 3:21 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Scott's a great guy. Nothing like what he was portrayed as. Has he made mistakes in the past? Yeah. So have I. When you meet the guy, you realize he's a class act, completely humble, and talented to boot.

Anyway, this is Lindsey's interview...Scott's is coming up back to fawning over Miss Cardinale :)

At 8:27 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

cool. i still don't know who she

At 9:15 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Well, see, Hannah, now you DO know who she is, and you can go check out her sites and myspace and find out more!

At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Dellane said...

I'm hoping to catch Lindsey in concert down here in Louisiana some time soon. :-) (Now if only Jessica would play here too!) Thanks for posting this interview and the other bits from the convention. I've enjoyed reading them.

At 10:04 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

dellane, you'll be hearing from Jessica soon enough. I've got a good feeling about her. She has the potential to really blow up in the next couple of years.

There will be more pieces from the convention coming soon. I'm trying to give each piece a day on the front page so everybody will get them. Believe me, it's hard for me to hold back!

At 12:41 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

cute girl... haven't a clue as to who she is, but cute girl and great photo!

At 12:47 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

She finished in the Top 12 of last year's American Idol finals. The Idols lovingly call her "Number 12," which she hates :)

At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Dellane said...

That's funny! Did any of the others have nicknames? I remember an interview in which Bo said something about calling Carrie Underwood "Scary Underpants". I'm sure it too was said lovingly!


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