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Sometimes it's good to have a sister. I have three of my own, and while there were many times growing up that they stepped on my very last nerve, there's nothing quite like a sister's vengeance when someone is picking on their big brother.

With that, Nicole Sticht, sister of American Idol contestant, Justin Sticht is opening fire on bloggers who dare to besmirch her brothers name.

Even Musical Ramblings has not been immune. In this post, I said the following:
"Justin Sticht is set apart by his unique voice, which is not a good thing. Geeky looking guy. Sings for five seconds. Blows it. Goodbye."

Apparently I came across Nikki's radar, because she responded in the comments section:
"I would watch what I say if I were you. You never know who might be reading your blogs so you say my brother Justin Sticht is a bit geeky huh well let me tell you this being a geek can be cool. He may have blown it but that does not make him a loser. Oh and by the way didn't you realize that when the three judges paused they were wearing different clothes? My brother can sing if a person gave him a chance at letting him sing an entire song they would in fact agree. Right now my brother is a local celebrity. DO not put my brother to shame. GO poke fun at somebody else. Its not right to judge someone when you don't even know them. who do you think you are anyways?"

Nikki has also published a one-post blog in defense of her big bro. It states:
"my brother Justin Sticht auditioned on american Idol. I am here to set people straight on what they are saying about my brother's audition. When American Idol was aired on tuesday people saw my brother sing only about 14 seconds of Meatloaf which that was true. Then he was stopped and Simon asked him what his other song was which was beyond the sea. This song he sang about 1 minute and 30 seconds I do know this because I witnessed being there. With the three judges pausing that was all a lie what really happened was Simon did not like the songs Justin chose. Paula said she loved his singing but she could not say yes because of simon. Randy said my brother was about averagel. With my brother walking out of the room like he did that did not happen that way he did not walk out of the room with his tail between his legs he simply said ok and walked out. American Idol is so overated the only reason why the show is the way it is is because of entertainment, and to humiliate the contestants by adding content that was not what really happened. I know my brother can sing he has been singing at karaoke bars for years, and is always asked back everytime. I for one sing too I sing the female part of I would do anything for love, we always woo the audience everytime. Now with saying that my brother is a nerd, that he has no good looks that is and i repeat absolutly not true at all. He has many many girls chasing after him all the time. Not everyone is perfect we are all unique in our own ways. GOd made us to be unique that is what makes us who we are. One person who auditioned that you should poke fun of is the girl with the horrible tan and her childish mother. If that girl tans anymore her skin will get blotchy and she will get skin cancer someday. SO as I state this DO not Judge a book by a cover for you do not know my brother and you do not know his voice for he really can sing and if he would have gotten to sing longer he surely would have made it."

Well, Nikki, I'm never too big to be pimp-slapped once or twice. I do apologize if you were offended. It isn't my intent to offend anyone here by any means. I thought I wasn't terribly hard on Justin, but I guess I was wrong. I called Derek Dupree "icky." I called Katrina Yaukey "half-cracked" and an airhead. Check back through the entire article. I wasn't nearly as hard on Justin as some other bloggers have been.

As for the audition we were shown, it did appear that he messed up the Meat Loaf song, but as I said before, he seemed to be doing okay on the second song when Simon cut him off. (I don't think, however, that he was on a par with some of the other talent, and I understand why he was cut.) I completely understand what you're saying about the vast majority of that audition being edited out, and that is one of the big problems with American Idol. All of you should remember Mary Roach from last season. In case you don't, she was the "crazy" girl who wore the red shirt and white pants, and said that her rendition of "I Feel the Earth Move" was "not too shabby." She was voted worst audition from Season 4. Here's a quote from her site:
"Question: You appeared really messed up on your audition. Was there any editing involved?
Mary: Oh, tons. They edited out about 75% of what I said. If people had seen everything that went on in there, and after the audition, they would have seen that I was acting comically overdramatic for airtime. I'm not actually like that - I was putting on a show.

I suppose that they do this partly in interest of time, because the show would take forever if they showed the entire thing. However, I do believe that they use editing to manipulate the audition, sensationalize it, and sometimes downright misrepresent contestants. That's why when you sign the waiver, they state they have the right to portray you truthfully or falsely. While I heartily disagree with this tactic, they do use it, and unfortunately, it draws more viewers.

And I agree with you on another thing, Nikki, and you can trust me to make as much fun of Crystal Parizanski (the tan blonde chick) as I possibly can.

So, with all that being said, I apologize for offending the Sticht family, and to make up for it, I'd like to invite Justin to use this blog to tell us all about the American Idol experience, to share his side of the story with us, and give us an insight on what goes on! I promise I will post it here un-edited without making any fun of it. Does that sound fair?

Contact me through Nikki, but make sure she doesn't scratch me too badly first!


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Brownsoul said...

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At 12:27 PM, Blogger Brownsoul said...

LOL! I love my sisters and I would come to their defense on most things, but neither of them is a "fantasia" and I would not lead them to believe otherwise. We keep it real.

Of course there is tons of editing. It's meant for entertainment. Especially the audition process...that's why most people watch--to laugh! I would recommend that anyone who's serious about a musical career steer clear of A.I. It serves few people, I think. And most of them get stuck in the shadow of the show.

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Sailorcurt said...

Last time I checked, auditioning for American Idol is voluntary; if someone chooses to expose themselves (figuratively speaking) in search of accolades and fame, they are also volunteering to expose themselves to ridicule and infamy. Just because it didn't work out the way his baby sister would have liked doesn't make your criticism any less appropriate.

There is NO Constitutional right to be free from being offended. There is a Constitutional right to freely express one's opinion...especially when opining about someone who specifically chooses to make of fool of himself on national TV in search of fame and fortune. Hey, he got half of what he seems he got his 15 minutes of fame.

Oh, and the sister should really take some English Composition classes before displaying her virtual illiteracy in a venue with national exposure. I hope she sings better than she writes...of course there's always the food services industry: "Would you like fries with that?"

But that's just my opinion...sure hope I didn't offend anyone.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Heh...Sailorcurt, you and I should really go fishing together sometime :)

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Sailorcurt said...

We'll have to do that sometime. I spent three years in Memphis, 1987 to 1990. Would I have heard you on the radio as a DJ?

If I'm going to be in your neck of the woods sometime, I'll give you a shout. You do the same if you're ever in South Eastern Virginia.

At 6:04 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Unfortunately, I wasn't in Memphis at the time, though those would've been good years to be in this market on air. It's probably good that you got out when you did.


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