Thursday, January 19, 2006


Every now and then I like to find a good unsigned band to tickle my eardrums with. And then I like to tell my readers about them. The only problem is that when a band is unsigned, they don't often have all the professional promoters out there putting the band in front of you, so far too many of them go unnoticed.

Still, every now and then, one pops up, and this one came to my attention from one of the readers here. Everytime someone posts here, I always click on their name and check out their blog or their link, including myspace pages. A few weeks ago, a reader named Guile posted to this thread, so naturally, I followed up on him.

This led me to the myspace page of a Filipino band called Hastang and a little song named "Random."

I didn't quite know what to expect, but as I started listening to "Random," it pretty much knocked me on my butt. There's quite a bit of raw talent showcased here. "Random" is excellent, considering the version I heard is not the final album version. Tessa Manto's vocals are haunting and gorgeous. The orchestration in the background is flawless, and I love Raul Luche's guitar riffs, underscored by Guile Canencia's solid bass playing, and wrapped up in a nice tidy bow by Mark Ladanan on drums. I'm not sure who to compare them to. (They cheekily say they sound like a virgin's orgasm.) But they list their influences as Poe, Letters To Cleo, The Pixies, The Beatles, Fiona Apple, Sarah Mclachlan, No Doubt, Audioslave, and Skunk Anansie.

Hastang says that their goal is "to create music that resonates with blatant honesty, raw emotion, and unconstrained passion." On this, they succeed completely.

According to Guile, in his most recent comment posted to this blog, "The band is currently in the process of wrapping up the recording of the album. The three rough demo songs you've heard in myspace will definitely be included in the record."

So go check them out by clicking this link. Show them some love, and let them know that America is ready for their sound. Thanks again to Guile for turning me on to the band (and for having a majorly cool name.)


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Yan said...

Hi, J.D. I was googling hastang and I sorta rediscovered your blog.

Actually, I've read this review last year (thanks to Guile). But reading it again felt just as wonderful as reading it for the first time. Thank you for this. You are amazing. :-)

By the way, in case you didn't know, Hastang's official website is Please also drop by Hastang's official blog: We'll be posting more music soon.

And if you're wondering who I am, uhm, let's just say I'm Hastang's most avid fan. A groupie, if you will. lol.

Have a nice day, J.D. And keep on rockin! :-)


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