Monday, March 27, 2006


It looks like I'm not the only one who enjoys a good biscuit and gravy in the morning. This past Saturday, I ran into recent American Idol eliminee Gedeon McKinney at the Shoney's here in Memphis.

Now I've not always been complimentary of Gedeon's performances in this blog, but in this case I'll have to cut the kid some slack, because it's quite obvious that he put at least an hour or two of preparation into coming out to have breakfast. Gedeon's very particular about his appearance, and he dresses immaculately, even if it's only to go out and mingle with the great unwashed, and believe me, there are some scraggly characters waiting in the breakfast buffet line on a Shoney's Saturday morning.

He's a little taller than I'd imagined, so I kind of have an idea of exactly how short Ryan Seacrest is in real life now. His Macy Gray-esque hair is meticulously combed and doesn't look quite as Buckwheat-ish as it does on TV. Also, he's either got the clearest skin I've ever seen on any male, white or black, or he wears lots of foundation. I suspect the latter. Clothing-wise, he's an immaculate dresser.

He's so not gay though. I got a glimpse at his smoking hot girlfriend. Wowsers.

We didn't exchange much more than a glance, a smile, and a "good job" and "thanks," because unlike a lot of other writers, I can't bring myself to interrupt a man's breakfast with his family just to pitch an interview.

As he left the restaurant, Gedeon carried himself very gracefully, though I know the penetrating stares from everyone around him had to be unnerving at best and annoying at worst. Still, Gedeon took time out to speak to whoever spoke to him without any sort of malice or any indication of irritation. He stopped to take pictures with a young girl, and he gave us all his trademark toothy grin that Simon Cowell loved so much. He made it obvious that whatever cockiness he may have shown on TV that he is at the very least a class act.

So, anyway, I'll pitch the interview now. Gedeon, if you're feeling it, holla at your boy. We'll go grab some of those tater tots and biscuits on me!


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

J.D., I just found that post really, really funny... so spot on in the writing and I really, really needed that today because I am in such a funk...


At 8:39 AM, Blogger Hannah said...

what did you do? sit there and stare at him?
lol- that's one detailed description!
try to interview him sometime (:

At 7:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gedeon fan here! I was referred to this site by another Gedeonite & want you to know I sure hope you get to interview him sometime. Really a well written article, by the way. Thanks.


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