Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hey, just thought I'd post a few news and notes. I know I've been light on the blogging lately, and I've been struggling to get to each and every one of your blogs to leave comments. I've missed a lot lately, but I promise, I'm getting around to reading you all, and I appreciate you guys still reading me.

First off, big shouts to Ryan Starr, who just did a concert at a NASCAR event here in Memphis. I wasn't able to get to her concert, but she sent me a personal note about it nonetheless. I hope to catch her next time, though. I haven't yet been able to interview her, but regular Ramblings reader RealityMaven81 did, so check that out! In his book, Simon Cowell described Ryan Starr as sort of a prima donna, but those of us who have actually interacted with her know differently.

Well, it looks like sixth place Idol finisher and object of my desire Kellie Pickler has signed with 19 Entertainment (Idol's management company), joining fellow Idols Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks, and Katharine McPhee, and according to my good friends over at Reality TV Magazine, she'll have a single out by September, with an album on the shelves by November 14. She also appeared recently on The View and dashed all of our hopes by announcing that she's rekindled a relationship with an unnamed old boyfriend ("the best garage door installer ever" according to her.) Congrats to Kellie. It's extremely rare for a sixth place contestant to get signed, but obviously Kellie's rather rabid fan base helped her get there by showing that they'll eat up ANYTHING Pickler. (Plus they visit this site a lot. Thanks guys and gals!)

Speaking of rabid fans, I just got an email from The Canthony Forums, which, if you haven't guessed it already, is a forum dedicated to Carrie Underwood and Anthony Federov, and more specifically those two as a couple. Hey, there's a group out there for everyone. It says, and I quote: "Canthony's getting married!! Well not in real life, but on the board, Bailey (iLoVeCaNtHoNy) decided to throw a little online wedding for our two favorites! Make sure you come by and join us! It is taking place on Sunday, July 30, at 4:00 PM CENTRAL time. There are still positions open for groomsmen and a ring bearer, if anyone's interested." As obsessed fans go, these are probably top tier in taking things a bit to the extreme. I don't know if an online pretend wedding of two reality stars that don't even know they're supposed to be getting married (and aren't technically even going to be there) is the exact picture of mental health, but these fans at least didn't go as crazy as certain OTHER fans over the Jessica/Carrie controversy, and they're generally nice to talk to when they aren't writing their fanfics. Check them out.

David Radford sends his thanks to you all for helping his friend with her hair decision. (And yes, that post was deleted, since the girl in question didn't want her pictures remaining for all eternity on the blog, and I'm nothing if not compliant with people's wishes.)

Todd Agnew did respond to me in an email, and we're going to hook up and discuss the recent controversy surrounding his blog and mine over dinner when he gets back to Memphis. He's in the process of recording a new album and touring.

Brooke Barrettsmith told me that the rumors about her getting married were false. I guess there's still hope!

Condolences go out to the family of Danny Dollar, a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, and friend to Ramblings friend Roxie Mae. Danny passed from this life on July 14 after slipping into a coma resultant from his bout with throat cancer. (P.S. Roxie, I'll be in touch soon, I promise!)

It is also with great regret that Captain of a Crew of One leaves the Musical Ramblings blogging community. SailorCurt, if you're still reading, I'll miss reading your posts, but I understand that you have to go take care of this thing we call life. Fair seas and following winds!

Congrats to Mike J. on his new job and decision to move. God speed, bro.

Kristen McNamara has released her new self-titled CD, and you can have it for your very own for only $12 (which includes shipping and handling!) I profiled the former Nashville Star here, so go check that out. I hope to have my copy of her CD in my hands soon.

And that's it for today's news & notes!


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Ali said...

Thanks for all the updates - but what happened to David's friend? What did she decide to do about her hair? Inquiring minds want to know... :)

At 9:18 PM, Blogger Bathroom Hippo said...

Not bad.

Hey...just made a Flash (short) with you in it...I'll post it next week.

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous MA said...

Yah I'm curious about David's friend as well!

At 3:27 AM, Blogger Tricia said...

I'm really glad Todd Agnew has responded to you - that's more than a lot of artists would do. Can't wait to hear what comes of that.

And you really are good about going around to everyone's blog. I was googling like crazy the other day and landed on a blog (that now I can't remember the name of) and found your name in the comments (it had to do with using genuine graffiti art in advertising campaigns)! You sure get around! Thanks so much for commenting on mine!

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work on your blog man. I love keeping up with the music biz.


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