Sunday, March 05, 2006


What a weird year. My boy, George Clooney, who stunk the place up as Batman in Batman Forever but redeemed himself as Doug Ross in E.R. and most recently in Syriana, picked up a Best Supporting Actor statue. I wish he would've won something for Good Night and Good Luck. Reese Witherspoon, who was beyond brilliant in Walk the Line, picked up Best Actress. Those cute penguins walked away with Best Documentary, hands down.

But the weirdest one of all, was by far the guys from Three 6 Mafia winning for best song with "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp." The song is penned by Memphis natives Jordan Houston ("Juicy Jay"), Cedric Coleman ("Frayser Boy"), and Paul Beauregard ("DJ Paul.") Seeing it performed live at the Oscars, sans profanities of course, was extra odd.

I'm so over Brokeback Mountain. Yeah. I said it. I just don't think it would have been so celebrated if not for a political message behind it. Ha ha! Crash won best picture!

I'm disappointed that Walk the Line didn't get a best picture nod.

So anyway, another weird year of Oscars that probably nobody cares about. Have fun and go see good movies!


At 7:28 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Oscar songs always kind of suck... discounting Eminem and that Titanic song which was really good until like, the 8 millionth time you had to hear it at the dentist's office and then it made you want to shoot your own ears off...

"It's HardOut Here For A Pimp" is a cool song... better than that Crash crap, but I'm sorry, Dolly wins it for me everytime!


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