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Time to find out who goes home! I have the diet Pepsi, pizza, and confetti ready for the celebration just in case Brenna gets humiliated!!

(live blogging, keep refreshing!!)

So, here we go! I have to admit to liking Seacrest's suit tonight. Nicely done. Seacrest calls Carrie Underwood the ORIGINAL farm girl, which means he's admitting that Icky Picky is nothing but a poor carbon copy.

It's time for the group performance, and this week it's "Love the One You're With. Melissa, dressed in fatigues, opens it up, followed by Heather's tone-deafness-yet-smoking-hotness. Brenna stinks it up and flats out. Lisa and Paris show it out, followed by Ayla, my newest favorite to win the girl vote. Looks like tonight is the girls' night to shine after barely showing up in last week's group performance. The guys are backdrops. Katharine's okay, but just sorta there. Kellie stinks it up. Kinnik sounds really good tonight though. Mandisa, I love you, but don't wear that ever again, and check the pits for the white deodorant remnants.

After the break, we trim some fat...


We're back, and Blogger is acting up so I'm not sure if this will be able to post or not. So right now, we're in the middle of a recap of the last two nights, much of which you can read in the previous posts, so I won't repeat myself.

And now it's time for Carrie Underwood to perform. Carrie was my favorite from last year. She does her song extremely well, and Icky Picky looks down from the balcony with lust and envy in her eyes. I'm surprised she's not got a little notebook out scribbling down notes. Carrie has actually improved quite a bit from her Idol days, and what can I say...we've missed you, girl!

After the break, maybe we'll eliminate some of these yahoos...


Time for one of the girls to go home. Lisa is safe. Ayla better not be in the bottom three. She's safe, duh. And pretty. Katharine, who is still in the competition despite rumors, is safe as well. My girl Mandisa is safe. Kinnik should be in the bottom three, and she is. Brenna the Wicked Witch of the West is in the bottom three, DUH. Can't wait to send her home. Kellie looks awful in her close-up. But she's safe. Big shock there. Paris and her three-year-old voice is safe. Heather has to be going to the bottom three, because Melissa should not. Heather is in the bottom three. So, out of Heather, Brenna, or Kinnik, who will be the first to go?

WHOOT WHOOT!!!! BRENNA HAD THE LOWEST NUMBER OF VOTES!!! BYE BYE AND WE'LL NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!!!! She's about to cry, but can't help pimping herself, even though she'll never be heard from again. I'm not even gonna bother with her stupid performance. Thank you voters for making sure we'll never see her again!!!!!!! Somebody in the audience please throw some tomatoes!

After the break, and a few dances around the room, we'll be back...


Yay, Brenna's gone!! Now, of Heather and Kinnik, one must be eliminated. Paula and Simon make some ill-advised joke about pizza and salad. Kinnik laughs, but Heather looks horrified. They're both obviously a bundle of nerves. Simon says Heather is going home. Simon is right.

Now that it's over, Heather is taking it well, and looks good. She's going home to her goats. I've never wanted to be a goat so much in my life.

Note to producers: letting people we voted off sing again makes sense why? We obviously didn't care for them the first time. Heather, love ya, but tonight's worse than the previous performance.

After the break, the guys get cut.


It's time to eliminate some guys! Bucky just don't never know, but is safe. Ace is safe. Duh. Melissa looks happy to hear it. Elliott better be safe, and he is. Why is Ryan trying to make him look arrogant? It's not working. Sway is definitely bottom three material. Taylor is safe and spastic. David better go home tonight. He's in the bottom three. If Chris is not safe, then I don't know what. He's safe and Taylor rubs his head. Gedeon is sure he's not in the bottom three, and he's not, but I hate his stupid arrogance. Either Kevin or Will are in the bottom three. Kevin is in the bottom three, but doggone it, I like him.

Going home is...

Bye bye crooner kid. About time!

After the break, one more guy has to go!


Now, after the longest commercial break ever, Kevin and Sway await their fates. Paula and Simon came up with something lame again about a moth and a melon. Apparently Simon got into Paula's stash tonight.

And the last person to be eliminated tonight is:

Sway is going home, which is a bit surprising, but hey, that's the way the show goes. Just remember BRENNA IS GONE!! WHOOT!! She keeps making this hand signal up on stage as though telling someone to call her. I'm betting that the ringer on her phone won't be getting too much of a workout.

So, we've got a fresh clean slate for next week, and if we can dump off Icky Picky and Gedeon McKinney next week, I'll be one happy camper for the rest of the season.

Keep coming back to Musical Ramblings during the week for music news, new artists, and yes, even some Idol updates.

BYE BRENNA (delirious laughter!!!)

P.S. Boy, Idol sure is beating the crap out of that Daniel Powter "Bad Day" song this year!!


At 7:51 PM, Blogger Texas Biscuit said...

I'm sorry to see your girl Heather go, but I am SOOOO THRILLED that Brenna got the boot. Buh-bye Brenna, buh-bye.

I'm glad David is leaving. I hated his musical style, but that go-to-hell look he was giving the judges when they were critiquing him last night really irked me.

I have to leave the house, but am TiVoing the last 10 mins. I hope Kevin goes. Yeah, he's sweet and stuff. But why does Paula keep playing up that sex symbol stuff. Give me a break!

At 8:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand Paula, she acts like she is in middle school the way she keeps hanging all over Simon and hitting him. She is VERY annoying. What was she on tonight anyway? She acted totally unprofessional (what else is new??) and while I'm on my "rant", who makes her the boss where she has to constantly disagree with what Simon says. "It's called an opinion, Paula!" He doesn't do that to her. Whew! I feel better now that I got that out. Too bad they can't send her home! Oh, and yeah, BYE Brenna!

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Hey JD you knew I would be here...
NANA NANA NANA NANA HEY HEY GOODBYE BRENNA. Glad she was the first to go. You know JD I hear Brenna is doing a Playboy spread, bet you'll be first in line to by a copy.. (JKING). How Heather, I might have to fight you over the first Hot off the press copy. We can all rest tonight knowing Brenna is Gone. NEXT WEEK - FINAL WEEK and im still saying Kelli in the TOP 6. UM FYI I really like Kelli, I really do.

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous michael said...

I KNEW you'd love this:


At 10:52 AM, Anonymous michael said...

Oops here's the link with an html clicky here

At 5:56 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

ROFLOL... best quote of the night:

"Another crowd pleaser was current Idol Carrie Underwood’s performance of her hit song “Jesus Take the Wheel.” He’s a whole lot safer [driving] than Abdul, that’s for sure."


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