Tuesday, February 28, 2006


It's time again to hear some of the most talented women in America. Oh, and Brenna too. Two are gone. Ten are left. Who will you vote for? Let's see how they do!

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So tonight had better be good. I just got my copy of Black for the PS2, and this show is keeping me from blowing video game characters to smithereens!

Katharine McPhee is on stage tonight, so I guess the rumors of her demise (or at least defection) are greatly exaggerated.

Does Ryan Seacrest get his clothes out of a closet in Pee-Wee's Playhouse? Seacrest brags about how A.I. has firmly trounced everything else on television, including shows that aren't even on in A.I.'s time slot and shows that are broadcast in other galaxies.

The girls look ravishing tonight. It's unfortunate that two of them have to leave this week, unless of course one of them is Brenna. If you didn't notice, I don't like her one little bit.

Simon's ego hasn't gone anywhere.

Katharine McPhee looks unbelievable. We get to see her and Ick Pickler being all slumber party-esque, and THAT won't fuel any schoolboy fantasies or anything...yeah...sure... Anyway, Katharine is singing a slow Stevie Wonder song tonight. I would've preferred something a bit more up-tempo, because she's not quite bringing it like she was last time. Vocally, there's very little wrong with her performance, but I would prefer it if she wouldn't try to do runs all around the song, especially since a lot of her trills and runs are coming off sharp and just a bit sour. It's not a bad performance, but she can do better. Randy says she picked a safe song, and he didn't really like it. Paula agrees with Randy like she ALWAYS DOES. I'm naming my next parrot "Paula." Simon says she was uninteresting. This is definitely not Katharine's best night, but I'm still a McPhan. 1-866-IDOLS-01

After the break, Kinnik Sky


Somebody tell me why the NAACP awards aren't racist again?


Kinnik Sky is going to do a Gretchen Wilson song. Ok, rather than doing that, why doesn't she just hang a sign around her head that says "I DON'T WANT TO WIN!" I hope she does better this week, because last week was wretched. She brings out the energy. The band is overpowering her just a bit, which is okay, because she's not really singing anything worth hearing. Something about the performance just seems very contrived. Vocally, there's nothing impressive. She's just sort of shouting it and not really singing it. Things don't look good for Kinnik this week. Randy liked the kinetic energy, but he doesn't think that the song works for her. Paula picks on her song choice (which, being translated, means Paula thinks it sucks.) Simon applauds her for picking something daring, but he compares her to a Disneyland theme park entertainer. I've seen Ejay Day (from Season 1) perform at a theme park last year, and trust me, theme park performers do better than this. My gut feeling says "sayonara" to Kinnik this week. 1 866 IDOLS 02

After the break, Lisa and Melissa...


Lisa Tucker looks radiant as always. She's got a smile that would let her get away with just about anything. She talks about her experience touring with The Lion King. Ok, so she has experience. I get that. The band is overpowering everyone tonight. On this performance, that's a bad thing, because I want to hear her voice. It's so silky smooth and nice to listen to. I think she'll have a great recording voice. I really am enjoying her tonight, though it's a bit of a safe song. Randy thinks she should've stopped the band and sung acapella, which I totally agree with. Paula thinks Lisa's got it, and that's that. Paula has very small hands. I just sort of noticed that. Simon thinks she'll sail through tonight. She'll certainly get votes from me. 1 866 IDOLS 03

Melissa McGhee is up next. She's cute, but I think the less we hear her talk the better. She picks up the pace with Reba's "Why Haven't I Heard From You." I like her energy and her stage presence tonight. This song is perfect for her voice. I love the smoky, sultry quality of it tonight. Based on this song, I might just buy a Melissa McGhee CD. She's really bringing it, and I haven't heard a bum note yet. Excellent performance! Randy thinks it's the perfect song choice. THAT WAS HOT! Paula was down with it too. Simon thinks it was the wrong song and doesn't believe she is connecting with the audience, though I feel rather connected at this time. I'm totally on a different page from Simon on this one, though I wish Paula would quit hitting him all the time, and the seat switch was beyond childishness. I'm gonna vote lots for Melissa tonight, and so should all of you. 1 866 IDOLS 04

After the break, more smokin' hotness...


Skating With Celebrities is stupid. There. I said it.

Heather Cox is...is ... sorry, I had to stop and wipe up all my drool. Heather tapes every episode of Idol, so she and I have something in common. I think this is a good basis for a marriage proposal, don't you? She's singing Mariah's "Hero." Not a great song selection, and rather safe if you ask me, which nobody did. She's just sort of singing it, not really getting into it. She's missing notes and it's just sort of a snooze-fest. I really hate bad-mouthing Heather, because she's major hotness and likable, but this is just an average performance. She hits the high note well, but ran out of gas early. Average performance with a little-more-than-OK finish. Paula says she improved from last week. Since the seat switch, Paula is having to come up with her own stuff, since she's going first. She pauses quite a bit. Paula doesn't think Heather is as good as Mariah. Randy drops Mariah's name to remind us that he works with Mariah, and just so you know, Randy works with Mariah. Did I mention that Randy works with Mariah? Simon agrees with Paula and Randy, who works with Mariah from time to time. Simon compares this to a horrible pageant rendition. Not Heather's best performance, and she's only gonna get the hottie votes. 1 866 IDOLS 05

After the break, Satan...errr Brenna...


Brenna Gethers dumbfounds Seacrest. She's gonna sing a Donna Summer song. I'm tired of her constant posing and posturing. Is anybody else ready for her to fade into utter obscurity? She sounds awful. Not hitting any key in particular, Brenna takes to destroying the song. Someone call the music police; we've got a homicide on our hands. Awful, ugly, stinky, yucky, gross! She thinks she did wonderfully, which immediately endeared her to approximately one tenth of her own personal teeth. Paula thinks she didn't even show up. Randy says it was all over the place and that Brenna didn't bring it. Simon disavows any liking of Brenna. He says she sounded like a bad drunk singing in a bar. Brenna thinks America will vote for her in droves. So, nobody vote for her tonight. NONE. Simon thinks America actually has sense and that we'll send Brenna home tonight. I hope we not only send her home, but also embarrass her all over the place. 1 866 IDOLS 06

After the break, someone who is actually talented...


Paris Bennett says she has favor...whatever that means. I wish she'd stop putting on this little girl voice during the interviews, because it's just a bit creepy. I love her voice WHEN SHE SINGS, but the Rudy Huxtable thing is a little tired and has got to go. She's going to sing the talent show standard "Wind Beneath My Wings," which is way too safe. Paris needs to stick to performances like last week if she wants to keep our attention. Already this song is forgettable. Vocally, there's very little wrong with it, but it's just not a stand-out type of performance. The vocals at the end are rather good, but still it just seems like a wedding performance. Paula loves Paris' fashion sense and wants Paris to do more fun things. Randy compares her to Lauryn Hill and encourages her to explore her youth and be more fun. Simon agrees that she needs to sing "younger" songs. The judges all agree, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse ride out onto stage. 1 866 IDOLS 07

After the break, Ayla and Ick.


Ayla Brown looks regal as ever, which is quite a contrast from her sweathog days in basketball. Still, she looks great sweaty and dirty. She's singing "I Want You to Need Me," and her vocals are giving me goose bumps yet again. She's blowing it out tonight. I am closing my eyes for a moment to see if I like it as much without seeing her, and I have to say I do. I'd buy this chick's CD in a heartbeat. I love her vocal control. Very very very much awesome! Paula says that Ayla wants it really badly and that she's growing. Paula compliments her legs. Randy thinks the whole package was nice. Simon thinks she's worked incredibly hard and that her determination is going to help her quite a bit. Simon's only problem is that she's still just a bit mechanical, but I don't think he's quite right on this occasion. Is it just me, or is Idol purposefully trying to downplay Ayla? I'm going to vote a lot for Ayla tonight. 1 866 IDOLS 08

Kellie "Ick" Pickler is playing up the whole fish-out-of-water thing AGAIN!!! Kellie, please! Drop the "aw shucks" country bumpkin thing, because we're tired of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kellie is going to murder Bonnie Raitt's "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About." She misses all the initial notes and most of the notes following it. She's still very nasal. Most of her notes aren't solid, and there's tones of flats and sharps, and she's never quite on key. I cannot emphasize her nasal quality enough. Yes she's pretty. Yes she's little miss sweet and innocent. But she is not a superstar, and when she records a CD it will fail completely. Paula says she is adorable and unpretentious, except for all the country-girl pretense. Randy thinks it's a hot one, because obviously he is TONE DEAF temporarily. Simon emphasizes her likability. He basically says her voice sucks and that she's only going to get votes based on her backstory. They are so pimping her despite her lack of talent. Please, all of you, if you have any sort of decency, do NOT vote for this girl. KICK PICKLER!!! Do not call this number: 1 866 IDOLS 09

After the break, Mandisa...


Mandisa is going to sing Faith Hill's "Cry." I love Angie Aparo's songs. Mandisa is so likable. Watch everybody at school this week pull the "Dog Jaw" joke. I like the way she brings soul to country music. She looks the part of the diva onstage. She's not holding back with her voice this time. I have to say, she hit a MAJORLY sour note in the middle of all that. Paula says she's one of a kind. Randy thinks it was a bit rough. Simon thinks America will keep Mandisa around, but that she hasn't found the right song. Simon says she's the best female singer in this year's competition. Mandisa is good, but she needs to step up her game next week. 1 866 IDOLS 10

Ok, so that's it for the ladies this week. Here are:


Who will go home: It will be two of these four: Kinnik, Heather, Brenna, or Kellie. I think Kellie will probably coast on her fan base, but the other three are in lots of trouble.

Who is safe (but still vote for them!): Katharine, Lisa, Melissa, Paris, Ayla, and Mandisa.

Join me tomorrow night for the guys' performance!


At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so right regarding the downplaying of Ayla. TPTB just do not want to give her credit, and I think people forget that she is only 17. We constantly hear praise heaped upon the other young ones (and they should be praised because they're great), but where is the love for Ayla. They act like it's not a good thing that she tries her best at whatever she does. I think it kills them to have to acknowledge her in any kind of a positive way. (Of course, she's even taking the criticism well, because she wants to to the right thing! But what's fair, is fair. They should knock it off!)

At 11:50 PM, Blogger Texas Biscuit said...

I'm surprised the girls picked so many slow songs, especially after the ones that did best last week were really upbeat choices.

Who I HOPE goes: Brenna (I didn't think it would be possible to get more annoying than last week, but she did! The positivity is soooo transparent - she knew she blew it tonight), and Kinnik (complete yaaaaawn).

At 12:23 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

I actually thought Ayla was the best one tonight. And you know how I feel about Katharine.

Kellie Pickler, on the other hand, could flat out fart into the microphone, and all Simon would say is "you're so likable" and Paula would tell her how pretty she is and how she's a star.

Yet, Ayla, who is obviously working her skinny tall butt off gets called mechanical, when her vocals were spot-on and her performance gave me goose pimples!


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