Thursday, February 23, 2006


Twelve men and twelve women have sung, and two from each group will have to go home tonight. Did the American public pick the right ones? Will a deserving contestant go home? Will the entirety of America be accused of racism if it's Gedeon leaving? We'll find out tonight.

(live blogging, keep refreshing!!)

Alright, so now Girlfriends is off, and I see that tonight's Sanford and Son is the one with Scatman Crothers on it, so I definitely need to see that tonight. As if my DVDs of Fred Sanford aren't enough to kill my every last free moment! In any case, I need to get my A.I. anxiety over with for this week, so I can know who is going home. Simon Fuller, what hath thou wrought? Fortunately, it's about that time.

Brenna is posing again. Lovely.

Ayla couldn't possibly be any cuter.

Now it's time to schmooze with the judges. Randy agrees with some of what Simon said last night, and amazingly Paula doesn't shout him down. Simon's right. Not every one of them pierces our heart strings (cough cough Kellie). Y'know, I know that Simon and Ryan are great friends off-stage, but you'd never know from their banter on-camera.

The Idols get to sing "Take It Easy" as done by the Eagles for their group performance tonight. What a great song! David Radford really stinks it up, and that screeching by Chris Daughtry is awful. Patrick and Bucky's harmonizing is great, as is Gedeon and Sway's. (That's right, I complimented Gedeon.) Taylor and Will don't really mesh together though. This is an awfully guy heavy song.

After the break, we'll maybe get some results or something...


Does anybody at all care about the Skating With Celebrities season finale? I know I sure don't.

It's time for a montage of performances. I won't comment on those since I've already done so quite extensively in previous posts.

Katharine McPhee, will you marry me?

Brenna feels like a duck. No comment. Paris had a dream about being at the finale, and she betrays her own self-confidence. Heather and Stevie make the stage look really cute. Let's make fun of the Theory of the Duck some more.

Safe so far: Mandisa, Kellie, Paris, Ayla, Lisa, and Katharine. DUH.

Also safe: Heather, Stevie, and Melissa.

The least number of votes were achieved by: either Kinnik, Becky, or Brenna. PLEASE let it be Brenna. We won't know until after the break.


And now it's time to find out! Kinnik does...NOT have the lowest number of votes, so it's either Becky or Brenna. And Brenna...also has a seat, so Becky leaves us tonight.

Still one more girl to go, so hopefully it will be bye-bye Brenna later on.

I didn't feel Becky O'Donohue did well enough, so I'm not shocked by her elimination. Frankly, she's doing a better job with the song tonight. I think we'll see her again somewhere (and not just in the pages of Maxim where she's appeared with Jessie before.)

Now, it's time for the guys to find out who is the first one to go. After the break, of course...


Time for the guys to face the chopping block.

Elliott seems humble enough. I'm hoping to see great things from him. Kevin says the highlight of his brief life was getting his cheeks pinched, and he's hoping for his first kiss next week.

Gedeon, David, Taylor, Will, Bucky, and Patrick, are all safe so far.

Ace and Elliott are also both safe so far.

Kevin and Chris are also safe.

The only two left are Bobby and Sway. If Bobby's not going home, then I don't know what. And he is. He knows it.

After another bowel wrenching version of "Copacabana" and some commercials, we'll be back with our next round of cuts.


After two well-deserved cuts, it's time to get rid of another of the girls.

Mandisa, Kellie, Paris, Ayla, Lisa, and Katharine are all safe again. DUH!

Brenna is safe. GRR.

Kinnik is safe. Melissa is safe. So, it's either Stevie or Heather. Stevie is so cute. Heather is so hot. So will it be cute or hot?

Stevie is going home.

I'm going to miss her. Though I think she's talented, she just got the wrong song in the wrong key last night. She's doing a noble job at not crying. She sounds a billion times better tonight than she did, even though she is battling back tears and emotion. Given a different performance last night, she'd still be with us.

After the break, it's bye bye to another guy.


Time for the last elimination of the night. Ace, Kevin, Sway, Chris, and Elliott are safe. DUH.

Patrick and Bucky are...

Taylor and Will are safe.

David and Gedeon are safe.

Bucky or Patrick? Bucky is safe! Patrick and his ego are going packing.

I'm not going to miss Patrick one little bit. I've always thought he was smarmy and arrogant, even more so than Gedeon's youthful precociousness. Thankfully, we won't have to listen to him anymore.

And that's it for tonight's eliminations! Idol will be back with more performances on Tuesday (women) and Wednesday (men) nights, with another round of eliminations on Thursday! Be here for all the action!

Here are the remaining Idols again in Brady Bunch fashion:


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

i am totally surprised that the pretty girl went so early.. although, she did kinda suck.

as for the men... ugh... what on earth was paula talking about with her, "you made magic" nonsense? and "copacabana" was worse than the other night... and who is that sway person? and the teen? there are more random dudes!

At 7:09 PM, Blogger enleaver said...

i hate sway. his singing sucks. i thought he should've gone.


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