Wednesday, February 15, 2006


We're down to the wire! 44 contestants left! Tonight, we'll see whose hearts get broken and who gets to compete for America's vote!

Also, if we're lucky, we'll get to see somebody choke-slam any or all of the Brittenum twins.

More to come soon! Keep refreshing!

Brooke Barrettsmith is so smoking hot.

Jessica Santos is going home

Bobby "Blue" Bullard is gone too.

Brooke Barrettsmith is not going through. WHAT THE... Okay, I'm not watching Idol anymore. Or, well, I won't watch it at least until the next contestant comes on. But man!!! I really wanted to see her succeed!

Nick Whitten is not going through. If Brenna goes through, I'm gonna be so cheesed.

Stephanie White is gone.

I'm really mad about Brooke.

Crystal Stark, whom I can't recall seeing before, gets an mixed decision, and she's going home.

Is anybody going through??

Bobby Dillard gets to hear his fate next.

Katharine McPhee is torqued about Crystal going home. As my remaining favorite, I hope Katharine does well.

Bobby is going home too.

Katharine better be going through. They drag it out quite a bit, which I hope is a good thing. It is. She's through to the next round. She smooches everyone. Lucky judges.

Ace Young goes upstairs to get his yes. After the break, Mandisa strikes back.


Pretty boy Ace waits for his answer. Open your eyes when you sing, dawg. Despite being a boy-band wannabe, he gets to go through to the next round.

Antonio Bridges is going home.

Eugenia Littlejohn gets a no. Her career goes, and I quote, "kapoot." And the wailing commences.

Robert Bennett Jr. is going through. Who is he again exactly??

Mandisa is sitting outside waiting for her judgment. She squares off with Simon. She may be a really big girl, but she has a gorgeous face. She graciously forgives Simon. I love the way this girl carries herself. She is going to the next round! I like her quite a bit.

After the break, Lisa Tucker, David Radford, and Brenna Gethers get theirs.


The contestants are chomping at the bit to know their fates.

Melissa McGhee is going to the next round!

Mark Adam Locklear goes home.

Lisa Tucker is on her way up. She's such a cutie and has tons of style. Is it really possible she's just 16? Lisa's mother Elanore is tense, but lets it all go when she finds out that Lisa made it.

David Radford is up next. I've not really enjoyed his singing so far, but he's a nice enough kid. He is moving forward!

It's Sway Penala's birthday, and he can blow out his candles knowing that the's moving on to the next round of competition.

Elliott Yamin has a tremendous voice, and he's going to be competing in the next rounds!

Brenna Gethers continues to be insufferable. I hope she gets bounced like a ping pong ball. She's annoying beyond all belief. I cannot believe she made it into the Top 24, and with all her posing and posturing, I believe we have this year's Mikalah Gordon, minus the actual talent.

After the break, will Marcy make it? Let's hope so.


I am fuming that Brooke Barrettsmith didn't make it while a talentless hack like Brenna is going through.

Marcy Smith doesn't like Brenna either, which gives her something in common with the rest of humanity. I like Marcy quite a bit, and I hope great things happen for her. She didn't make the final cut.

Nicole Ortiz, David Avron, William McCoy, and Brianna Taylor all get the big fat honkin' NO.

Feeling he knows what he has to make a star, Gedeon McKinney just exudes his own overly self-confident ability to have "it." He makes it, and yet another unlikable dolt makes it through. Simon says if he'd heard him make that speech prior to the decision, he'd have said no. Fortunately, the rest of America now has that chance.

Stevie Scott, whom I believe we've yet to meet, is classically-influenced, but her singing betrays more of a Jessica Simpson influence than Mozart or Beethoven. She's stylish and carries herself in a sort of odd way. She's going through.

And now, it's time for baller-cutie Ayla Brown. She's got a great voice, and she's definitely been pimped quite a bit by Idol. She sails through to the next round. Senator Scott Brown welcomes her downstairs.

Chris Daughtry, one of my favorite guys, is stuck in the elevator. I like his presence, even though his voice reminds me a bit of Constantine. Finally, he makes it up. He is going through and getting my vote.

After the break, Taylor does his Ray Charles thing.


Paris Bennett has been making a list and checking it twice.

Rebecca O'Donohue pretends like we care whether or not she can do math. Could she be any more smoking hot? It's a split decision, but we get to see more of her! Heather Cox and April Walsh roll their eyes.

April Walsh has been over-rated from the start, and she gets to go back home to TWoP.

Heather Cox is hotter than Rebecca, and she's going through to the next round.

Bucky Covington, someone we've not seen to this point, is apparently a country singer and uglier than a shaved goat's left butt cheek. He is going through to the next round.

Patrick Hall feels he deserves to be there. Quick way to make sure I don't vote for you. He's moving forward.

Kevin Covais grew some hair, but he still looks like the kid that gets beat up all the time in seventh grade. He may be a good kid, but he just doesn't look the part. It was a very very very difficult decision, but Kevin...made it!

Paris Bennett sits before the judges, and she is going through, natch.

After the break, four slots are left for eight people. And "shocking news" (meaning "news you've been hearing about for weeks now") regarding the Butt-Hole Twins.


The Brittenum twins say their behavior is exemplary and that they're angels. They continue on to say that the Earth is flat and that Hell is cold. Mearl Purvis and Melissa Scheffler, my hometown newsies from Memphis' Fox 13 make a cameo (GO GIRLS! I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I think Melissa is a TOTAL hottie.) In any case, the Brittenums are out of the way, though I was really hoping to see them get embarrassed a lot worse than they were.

Carrie-clone Kellie Pickler is next. She's going through. I'm tired of her. No votes.

Taylor Hicks, perhaps the most interesting guy this year, sits before the judges. Simon predicted he wouldn't be put through during the initial audition. He comes in working his harmonica. I just like this Alabama boy's style. Simon was wrong, and he's going to the Top 24 and he wins my endorsement.

Kinnit Sky and Megan Bobo are next to see the judges. One of them gets the boot, and the other goes on. Megan isn't the one. She goes home. Kinnit moves forward.

One slot left, and it's for a guy. Syd Harcourt and William Makar are up. William is the one. No big shock.

So here are your Top 24:

The Girls:

Ayla Brown, the basketball playing hottie who can really wail. I see her progressing quite far in this contest, and I'll be voting for her.

Mandisa is a sweetheart and a heck of a singer. Vote for this woman.

Becky O'Donohue is hot, but that's about all she's got going for her. When I see her, I am reminded of Amanda Avila from last year.

Paris Bennett is cute, sweet, and talented, but I'm not sure if her age will work against her. Still, she gets this blog's endorsement.

Kellie Pickler and all her bumpkin-ness is just a poor Carrie Underwood retread. Don't waste your time with this girl.

Brenna Gethers isn't even worth an insult. I look forward to her leaving during the first week.

Melissa McGhee is ok, but I haven't seen enough of her to know whether to endorse her or not.

Lisa Tucker is a favorite of mine, and I think she's cute and sweet, not to mention she can really blow. Vote for this girl.

Stevie Scott is unique and good, but I don't know if she's got what it takes to make it very much further.

Kinnik Sky is a big ditto to Stevie's comments.

Heather Cox is gorgeous and can sing. Vote for her.

Katharine McPhee is the best girl of them all. She's the one I endorse the most. Vote for her twenty times.

The Guys:

Bucky Covington has the chance to be this year's Bo Bice, but he's also in danger of being just a novelty act. I'm on the fence about him.

Sway Penala is good and he'll get votes, but I don't think he's the American Idol.

David Radford isn't that great, but he'll draw the old school fans.

Chris Daughtry is my favorite guy this year. Vote for him a lot.

Gedeon McKinney needs the earth to open up and swallow him. Out in the first round, I'll bet.

Taylor Hicks is the most interesting guy this year. Not the American Idol, but one I wouldn't mind seeing place in the Top 5.

William Makar is young and talented, but no American Idol.

Bobby Bennett got no air time, and he'll be the first to blame that as the reason he gets booted early.

Kevin Covais is too green and not as talented as the rest.

Patrick Hall and his ego can go jump in the lake, for all I care.

Ace Young is going to do well, but I'll never buy his CD. Vote for him until later.

Elliott Yamin is awesome. Vote for him.

Time for the real competition!!


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous stranger said...

my faves: taylor - i think i'm in love with this guy; taylor - i might be in love with him, too, but for different reasons ;) ; gideon - i love the 70s throw-back, afro and all; chris - can't say why, just think he's great. the girls? i'm with you about kelly - overrated. i like paris - who wouldn't?; and rebecca, and as an underdog, the weird-lookin opera singer stephanie.

i'm with you on the brenna thing, wtf is that?!?! my only thought is... well, it's tv, and they gotta get ratings somehow. she's really bad. worse than the one with the same obnoxious accent from last year... what was her name?

At 11:57 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Brenna = Mikalah Gordon from last year.

All the girls love Ace, and I think he seems like a nice guy, but...I dunno, something about him just ain't right.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

I'm thinking you should write for

I think the pretty girl (becky?) with the just so-so voice is going to win... then she will be just like all the other pop stars out there who are good looking but not so talented!

At 4:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, my uncle pointed me to your blog. Fun take on the Idol thing. But I have one nitpick... You could call me anything you want: sucky, loud, annoying, fat (enough people have). Why pick over-rated? Not enough haters, not enough lovers. I didn't think I was even... rated. I don't really respond to these things. But over-rated? I just don't get it.


At 12:46 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

Hey April...sorry it took me awhile to pick up on your comment so late, but it's good to see you here. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to say about you. One things for sure...I don't make the fat jokes here, and I'd never go with that. I try to judge what I see based on performances and singing. In fairness to you, Idol didn't show you singing much, except in the initial audition, which if I'm being honest, wasn't bad but wasn't that great for me. I'm sure you have talent, and you quite obviously have a sense of humor, but what they showed me just didn't do it for me.

It's nothing at all personal, and I hope you aren't too terribly offended. Please visit again, because I'm sure we'd all love to have your insight on some of these yahoos here.

Tell ya what, to make it all up to you, if you're willing, I'd love to do a piece on your experience. Email me at if you're interested. I promise to be nicer!


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