Sunday, February 05, 2006


It's time for the best game of the year, along with some of the best music, as well as random commentary from me.

Did anybody besides me notice that they royally messed up the logo at the end of the pregame show? Sorry guys, it's not Super Bowl XXXVIII. That would be 38. This is XL (40).

Wow, they're opening the show with Dr. John, Aaron Neville, and Aretha Franklin singing the National Anthem. Wow...I guess they weren't looking for star power or anything...sheesh! (pauses to wipe sarcasm off lips) What I wouldn't give to be in that choir! Aaron's getting a bit old, but he still sounds as good as ever. Aretha certainly hasn't shrunk up a bit. And is that Condi Rice in the crowd?

Somebody please get Bill Cowher a laxative.

Could Jessica Simpson be more of a whore? She reprises her Daisy Duke role in Pizza Hut's Super Bowl premiere commercial. Pam Anderson called. She wants her skeeziness back.

If John Madden gains anymore personal circumference they're going to have to add a new wing onto the Hall of Fame. And do you think they have to lengthen the sleeves to get Ben Roethlisberger's name to fit on his jersey? I bet Big Ben got his good throwing arm from all that exercise he got in school writing his name.

Tom Brady flips the coin, but it is immediately intercepted.

I really like this Quiet Riot/chimpanzee/ commercial. Very eye-catching and memorable. It's almost time for the Rolling Stones halftime show! made a commercial that is beyond lame. I hate them. I would never do business with them. I want them to completely fail at whatever they do. If they ever open a lemonade stand, I hope it burns down.

And now it's time for the Sprint Super Bowl 40 Half-Time Show!

The Rolling Stones take to their tongue-shaped stage with, what else, "Start Me Up," one of the greatest sports anthems ever. What, pray tell, is the problem with the levels in these Super Bowl shows? They're NEVER right. It sounds like the guitars are being played two miles away. Keith Richards has got to be dead by now, right? I mean, he certainly looks deceased. It's consistently amazing to me that the Stones are so old, but they still put on such a great rock n' roll show. The performance has been fairly spot-on so far, though I can't say that strong vocals have always been a part of the Stones' repertoire. I'll settle for good rockin' tunes though.

With their second song, finally someone has got the guitar levels back up. Any aspiring musician who wants to learn how to work a crowd need only watch Mick Jagger perform. Now this is rock! Did someone just throw panties?

And what would a Stones show be without "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction?" How does Mick keep his arms so toned up when he's obviously getting close to the second century of his life? There's just a frenetic energy to the whole show that is infectious. You can't help but get a charge out of watching the Stones perform. Let's be real, Mick Jagger's not the best singer out there, but you can't help but enjoy his performance and his goofy dancing. I bet it's deafening in the stadium there in Detroit, especially since it's a domed arena.

And that's it for this year's Super Bowl halftime show! Now it's time to finish watching FOOTBALL!


At 7:31 PM, Blogger Dancewriter said...

Amen, brother!

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Sailorcurt said...

Have to say it. The completely unrecognizable rendition of our National Anthem before the game was a disgrace. I was ashamed.


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