Monday, January 30, 2006


(1.) Your computer already has a 160 gig hard drive, but you added on two extra 160 gig external hard drives because you were running out of space for your mp3s.

(2.) You have more CDs than any of your local radio stations. You know, because you've checked.

(3.) You get on LimeWire and you can't think of anything you haven't already downloaded. Bonus points if you go to the Top 40 archives to see if there's something you've missed. Double the points if you can't find anything.

(4.) Anytime someone speaks to you, at least one word or phrase in any given sentence will remind you of a song. (For example, I was already out of it at the beginning of this sentence thinking of Brian McKnight's "Anytime.") Give yourself bonus points if you actually break out in the song while the person is talking to you.

(5.) You've ever named a child after a song title (i.e. Boston's "Amanda" or Kiss's "Beth"). Quadruple your points if you've ever asked a girl out for the same reason.

(6.) You really miss Rock & Roll Jeopardy on VH1. Give yourself triple points if you don't miss it because you taped several episodes.

(7.) You have more loose CDs in your car's backseat than there are in a Chinese flea market.

(8.) You know what MTV's first music video aired was. (The Buggles - "Video Killed the Radio Star.") Bonus points if you knew that the Beatles made the actual first music video.

(9.) You have no clue what high school trigonometry was all about, but you can remember every single lyric to Fine Young Cannibals' "She Drives Me Crazy."

(10.) You can't bear to toss out your worn out vinyl or cassettes, and you actually believe it when you tell yourself that you'll listen to them again some day.

(11.) You can name the artist/song title/year of release of every tune sung by American Idol contestants.

(12.) You can't remember where you were or what you were doing when major political events happened, but you know exactly what you were up to the day the Gin Blossoms broke up.

(13.) You've ever exited a movie theater saying "man, I've got to get that soundtrack/score!" Bonus points if you went and bought it immediately after.

(14.) You buy a DVD of a movie you don't like just because it has a music video in the extras that you want.

(15.) Your friends haven't been to the record store in years because they just burn a copy of yours.

(16.) Everything in your apartment is an ungodly mess except for the shelves/racks that you keep your CDs in.

(17.) You knew right off that it was Sebastian Bach from Skid Row when you saw him on Gilmore Girls. Multiply your points by a million if you knew that the lead singer from Devo wrote the Rugrats theme song and the guy from Autograph wrote the 7th Heaven theme.

(18.) You couldn't be bothered to read Shakespeare, but you wait by the mailbox for your Billboard magazine to arrive. If you subscribe to both Billboard AND Rolling Stone, give yourself twenty extra points.

(19.) You've devoted more than one second of thought to pondering whatever happened to Eddie Money.

and finally,

(20.) You write a blog called Musical Ramblings.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger Brownsoul said...

#7 is hilarious! I know a few people who might be true music geeks and many people who aren't quite there!


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