Saturday, February 04, 2006


This from TMZ: American Idol Hollywood contestant Halicia Thompson has a criminal past. Another Idol with a tainted history? I'll pause while you all recover from the shock.

The first offense was for criminal trespass in 1998. According to the police report (click the above link), Ms. Thompson was asked by management to leave a Golden Corral restaurant. Upon refusing to do so, the police were called. Ms. Thompson refused to leave, and proceeded to spew profanities at the management, police, and surrounding patrons. Police put her under arrest and advised her not to use profanities around the customers, many of whom were children. Her response? "F*** the children." The conviction papers are here.

Three months later, she was back in court again for disorderly conduct. She was nabbed at Meadow Greens Shopping Plaza in Rockingham, NC, and once again unleashed a barrage of F-bombs on police. When arrested, she was cited for shouting incendiary remarks that were "likely to provoke immediate violent retaliation and thereby a breach of the peace." Who was she shouting at? According to the police report, she directed it towards the police officer and another unnamed individual whom "emergency personnel were trying to render aid to."

According to Ms. Thompson, there was also another occasion where the police suspected her of having possession of drugs. No documentation is available for this case.

Halicia claims to have a good relationship with the police, despite being "arrested a couple of times," due to the fact that she is currently enrolled in a criminal justice program at a local college, since by now she certainly should know the penal code by heart.

Don't expect her to get a lot of support from this blog.


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