Sunday, May 13, 2007

Day of Fire

Priscilla and I just got back from a night of rock and roll at the New Daisy here in Memphis. Both of us sort of feel like we have fishbowls over our heads, and we're having to talk really loud to each other to be heard, but it was a lot of fun.

We were there to see Day of Fire. I'm a big fan of their first album, and they're opening a lot of shows for Daughtry, so we figured their show would rock the house.

First we listened through the lineup of bands that preceded them, including Fervor, an Atlanta band, who I highly recommend you listen to. They're quite good. L.A.'s By All Means Necessary was a stand-out band as well. Both of them rocked the house. Actually, all of the bands were pretty good, but these two stuck out in my mind.

Priscilla had to have a Day of Fire shirt, so we got her one, then we proceeded down to the stage. The turnout to the New Daisy was incredibly disappointing for a band that has as big a following as DOF does. It makes you wonder where rock-n-roll in Memphis has gone. But despite the smaller crowd, DOF played it just as if it were a Daughtry show, with enthusiasm and energy. Josh Brown--former frontman of Full Devil Jacket and now DOF's lead singer--took interest in several of us. He saw Priscilla wearing the DOF shirt, and he brought her over a glass of water before the show started. It was really rather sweet of him. When they launched into their set, it was a wall of pure rock, and they tore the roof completely off. Josh saw me singing the chorus of "Detainer" (one of my favorite DOF songs) and he got down there to have me sing it duet style with him into the microphone. I know it's just a crowd-pleaser type of thing, but now I can honestly say I've sung with Day of Fire. Sort of.

To their credit, Day of Fire performed their entire set, even though the turn-out wasn't up to standard. They gave every fan that came there the show that they paid for. They even came out when we yelled for an encore and performed their signature song, "Cornerstone." Class acts, all the way.

Oh, and it pays to have your wife wear the band's shirt. She got the drumsticks thrown directly to her. Could be she's cute too. Who knows?

Anyway, it was a good time, and I encourage you all to check out their official website and their Myspace. It's worth your listen.


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