Saturday, January 20, 2007


Katharine McPhee is out there generating buzz for her new album in a rather unorthodox way. She's making her debut on the YouTube pop culture phenomenon "Lonelygirl15" even as we speak, making a guest appearance as a random acquaintance of Bree. They meet when Katharine brings Daniel home completely wasted.

It's a good PR move for Katharine, I think. It establishes that she is a fairly good actress, and showing up on one of the web's biggest fads is not the world's worst marketing move. Plus the inclusion of her single "Over It" is nicely done. It's one of my more favorite songs she's done.

For those of you who missed out, "Lonelygirl15" started as a YouTube video blog, as done by an alleged regular 15 year old girl. It gained quite a cult following, which has remained, despite the fact that it was discovered to be fake, a project of a 19 year old actress and two filmmaker hopefuls.

Check out her debut appearance below!


At 9:48 PM, Blogger Lisa said... raelly think this is a good move? I disagree. What the heck is she doing in some two-bit low budget Blair Witch Project type crap on You Tube? Maybe I'm just old (or too much of an Elliott fan!?!?!?) but this just seems like a waste of time to me - she really doesn't know who she is. . . weird.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

Sure it's a good move. It may be low budget, but it's also well-known, and well-traveled. It's also viral as it gets too (in the sense that it can be easily spread by posting the video as I have.) And we're also just in a day and age where this kind of appearance can get just as much of a worldwide audience as an appearance on Letterman can. The shift in modalities of marketing a musician have only just begun really, and I see Katharine's appearance on YouTube as somewhat innovative.

You have to understand the pop culture phenom that is "Lonelygirl15," though, to get why it is what it is. Granted, it's a fad, and it'll pass, but for now, it's hot.

In any case, any publicity is good publicity, and this kind of thing makes Katharine just a bit more accessible.


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