Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hand Me Some Pliers, I'm Pulling Teeth

Okay, many of you have been coming here to find out information about the upcoming American Idol mini-tour in Texas. I've been passing along the information as it has been made available to me, but I've come to a stalemate as to (a.) what venues are being played and (b.) where to go to order the tickets. So, on the advice of Will's mother, I contacted the concert promoter.

What a HUGE mistake. I have never EVER in my life run into a bigger group of addle-brained jerks.

I sent a simple email letting them know that I knew of the shows, I knew which towns they were in, and I knew which performers would be there. ALL I needed to know were the venues and the ticket ordering info. Should've been ONE simple email. Instead, I got this email back. "What is your phone number, web site address & your business address??????"

Oooooookay. Never had to do that before. Not really keen on doing it now. You see, phone number is sort of a private thing for me. I responded simply: "You can contact me here. My web site address is"

I mean, it's not like I'm asking for nuclear arms secrets here.

Then I get this in response: "Sorry bro, need a name & phone number. We don't operate with people we don't no... If you can't be called then we don't no who we are talking to on e-mail. Please do not post anything until you speak with me at
727-xxx-xxxx, Scott"


First clue this guy has terminal moron is using "no" instead of "know." I almost feel sorry for him at this point. But then again, he IS the one selling a concert, and ALL IN THE WORLD I'M ASKING FOR is WHERE THE FLIPPIN' THING WILL BE.

Exasperated, I mailed him back again, giving him my phone number, and saying "All I'm looking for is the name of the venues for the American Idol tours and where tickets can be ordered. I have fans hammering me wanting to know the info, and there are several nationwide who are planning on flying to Texas to catch the show. So, I mean, y'know, releasing the information early and all might be helpful to your bottom line."

And the fans are wanting to come. This from the Anthony Federov forums: "it's getting kind of late and its nice to have time to book a good deal with the airlines. I think you get a better deal if you book way ahead. I wonder if these venues are inside or outdoors, what do they cost, where do you get tickets? What about motels and how close are the cities, if I couldn't do all 5 I wouldn't bother and is Anth at all five?So many questions, no answers. I have this feeling we're in for a dry spell concerning his appearances, such a shame."

Hmmm...sounds like fans are chomping at the bit.

But not so, according to this stupid promoter. "Sorry bro, No bottom line here, these are promotional shows with sponsors. People aren't flying in from all over the conuntry to see this, maybe one or two groups, that's all... We really aren't interested in any national exposure on this but I put in a request to get you all locations you wanted/requested."

So basically what he's saying is "screw you, I don't need your coverage." And he's saying to fans "don't bother." He's already been paid by his sponsors, so he doesn't care if the show is a sell-out or if nobody comes at all. Basically, he feels like he's doing the world a favor by existing.

Um, sorry Scottie, but according to the FAN FORUMS, people ARE wanting to fly in from all over the "conuntry." And they would. I've seen it happen before. (There's this little thing called the American Idol tour that makes millions each year. And you should've seen people flying in from New York to Tennessee to see Jessica Sierra this past June.) The only problem is THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE TO GO. And they don't know HOW TO SEND YOU MONEY.

So I'm putting it out there from here on out, because I especially want you former Idols to read this: Vegas VIP Group is a CRAP group of poseur promoters. You can count on them to abuse and mistreat your fans, be aloof, and care nothing about you or promoting you, so long as they have their money in their hands. They're basically everything you hated about 19 Entertainment, minus all the good stuff.

If I get any further information from these guys about the concerts, which I doubt, since apparently Scott has a debilitating case of the butt-head, I will post it, but from now on, I consider communicating with Vegas VIP Group a bad investment, and I discourage all performers from using them.


At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes.... This does not sound good at all. What a bunch of a***holes.

But as far as venues go, Anthony's manager finally released this info. So, to see the venues and their websites, check out

JD, thanks for going to the bat for all the AI fans. The promoters are so wrong about not seeking national publicity. I know that a group of Anthony's fans are flying in from the East Coast and I am sure other fans would do the same if they knew about it.

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My comment is not showing.....

At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Jordan said...

Every so often we get a sneak-peek at the dark side, or the "wrath" of JD.

And I gotta say, I love it! You tell, 'em mate. They don't deserve the exposure you are likely to give them anyway, but with any luck they will at least have learned a lesson here.

Oh well, take it easy, "bro."

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Diana said...

wow, that's so dumb...I mean wow, there's people who are willing to travel for their Idols, they want to see them, and what? with no info? but I'm glad you got the info already. I'm also glad that Laredo is giving some promotion through the radio station. you know we are going to have the opening act be two singers, there's auditions going on today and then the final round will be in two weeks, the final guy and girl will perform at the Idols show and win money. hehe yeah I'd just thought I'd let y'all know. lol because I'm proud that this concert is coming to Laredo!!

At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you might not care, but if someone want the info, San Angelo is like 6 hours away from Laredo.
Laredo is three hours away from McAllen and McAllen is like 5 hours away from Corpus and Corpus is also 5 hours away from Beaumont.
so those who want to do two shows, maybe, Laredo and McAllen? they're three hours away, and they do need more support around those areas.

At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for what you said, JD, about this Texas Idol Mini Tour. It is ridiculous this information would have been held ransom for your phone number when idiot fans like myself only want to know if we should be booking our flights and to where. If these darn concerts are paid for already, why the HECK are they charging up to $90 a head for good seats??? I am willing to drag SIX of my children from NY since airfare is reasonable, but the darn ticket prices to see this lineup when the ONLY one I would want to see is ANTHONY FEDOROV is ridiculous.

You are right about these concert promoters.

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, I know the prices are way toooo high, and yeah I'm more interested on Will,and $90 bucks for his set, of like what 15 minutes, yikes!
but yeah, the GA isn't that bad though, you have a nice view if you go to the Laredo one, I've been to Laredo and I've passed through there and the venue is small, so GA would work perfect.


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