Thursday, August 24, 2006

News About Mikalah Gordon

Hey guys and gals,

I'm just sitting here scratching my head, wondering about this world... I'm upset and angry about what happened to Mikalah Gordon yesterday.

All I can tell you is that she's physically okay for the moment, but as you can imagine, there is trauma emotionally. There's not much more I can tell you at this point. I called this morning, and I'll probably call again this afternoon sometime, but out of respect for Mikalah's privacy, I doubt if any of that will be made public.

Just know that she's alright, and those of you who are her friends and are trying to get through to her, her phone's been ringing off the hook, so it may take a while.

God bless you, Mikalah...


I just got off the phone with Mikalah's mom, Victoria. I'm not going to get into much of the conversation, but I do think a couple of things are important to point out so that false rumors don't get started.

Mikalah was in the studio laying down instrumental tracks for the benefit concert she was going to do in Orange County this weekend. During a break, she and a friend stepped outside. As they were standing outside the studio doors, they were accosted by a young man who then drew a gun, cocked the hammer back, and ordered them onto the ground.

As they were getting on the ground, a group of young men joined the first. They groped Mikalah. I want to be clear here: she was NOT raped. She also did not have anything stolen from her. She did look up once, and one of them slammed her head into the concrete because they did not want her looking at them. The only reason that they eventually fled the scene was because Meek started having a panic attack.

Mikalah was unable to identify the attackers. If anybody out there reading this knows anything about the case or can provide information that can aid in the apprehension of these people, please get in touch with Las Vegas Crimestoppers at (702) 385-5555 or If you don't want to contact the police, then email your tips to and I will make sure they get passed along.


At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JD, I read here occasionally and have posted anon before. I came back today to check on Mikalah b/c I remember you had done the post on her recently. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

That is just horrible. Meek, I am so sorry this happened to you. JD, please send her our good wishes. :(

At 5:54 PM, Anonymous MA said...

Jesus H Christ I think I would have a panic attack too if I was in that situation! How scary... poor girl :( Glad she is OK

At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that this happened to Mikalah. It seems like there would have been some kind of security or cameras around. I hope they catch these people. She will be in my thoughts and prayers.

At 9:27 PM, Blogger larry said...

this is horrible.i dont know what to say about this except i hope mikalah is ok and i just hope they can find who did this.

At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm relieved Mikalah and her friend were not harmed seriously in a physical way. I hope her emotional healing from this event will happen quickly. Poor Mikalah. Much love is being sent her way.

At 4:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

J.D., I am so proud of you! You are doing a wonderful job.

I first became aware of you at the end of Season 5 and I made a point to catch up on your blogs. I found you very articulate but sometimes on the cruel side, and yet I knew it was for "effect", and not because you wanted to hurt anyone.

But, as with Kellie and Mikalah, you learned the hard way, that "funny" isn't always "funny", if a real person had to be used for the comedic timing of the written word.

I loved both Kellie and Mikalah. They both are so funny, and they have something in common. They both did a "red carpet", Mikalah at the Season 4 finals, and Kellie at the MTV Awards. Talk about talented!

I am getting to what I wanted to comment about, but I am long winded.

I am sick about the recent incident with Mikalah and her friend. What is happening to this world?? I can just imagine the fear, and only by the grace of God was she not raped or were neither of them harmed or murdered.

I hope this terrible crime doesn't take away Mikalah's spark for life. Here she was rehearsing for a benefit show, she has such a kind heart. I remember one of her blurbs when she said, "I just want to make people feel good" and then she did her little giggle.

J.D., you have a good heart by being on top of this story and supporting Mikalah. As for her and her friend, my prayers are with them. May God give them the strength to get through the difficult days ahead. This has to have a lasting affect psychologically.

I was thinking how Fran Dresher was raped at knife point, and how she might be able to be a good support person for Mikalah, as both were victims of violent crimes. (Mikalah was on Fran's show). Fran is such a compassionate person, I read her books and I love her.

Let's all pray for the thugs that did this to Mikalah and her friend, God knows they need it!!!

Again, you are a good man J.D! I am not a kid, I am a 59 year old woman, and I admire you, very much.

At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So very sorry for Mikalah and sending her my best wishes. A very frightening experience and I just hope with the love and support from family and friends that she will be emotionally healed. just glad she's okay


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