Friday, April 14, 2006


One of my favorite American Idol contestants this year has been Brooke Barrettsmith, and she's been kind enough already to interview with me here, so I wanted to let you guys know what she's up to.

First, I highly recommend you go HERE and listen to her music. Especially "Make Me" which has quickly become one of my favorite songs. The rest are pretty good too, so check them out.

The following is a schedule of Brooke's shows. If you're able to go, I recommend it.

Apr 21 2006 8:30AM Unlimited Hope Women's Conference Oconomowoc, WI

Apr 22 2006 9:00AM Unlimited Hope Women's Conference Oconomowoc, WI

Apr 23 2006 7:00PM Young Life Fest Dundee, IL

Brooke will be heading down the Tennessee way on April 24 2006 to Nashville to begin work on her solo album.

Apr 29 2006 9:00PM Penny Road Pub (with her band GOODBYE) Barrington, IL

May 4 2006 8:00AM Annual Prayer Breakfast Crystal Lake, IL

May 6 2006 10:00AM Cafe Barista Lake Villa, IL

May 11 2006 12:00PM Twin Oaks Country Inn Wilmot, WI

May 12 2006 7:30PM The Chicago Sky - WNBA Chicago, IL

May 13 2006 7:00PM Another Blessing Cafe (with Goodbye) Milwaukee, WI

Jul 7 2006 7:30PM The Chicago Sky - WNBA Chicago, IL

Aug 26 2006 12:00PM Fish Fest (with Goodbye) Milwaukee, WI

For those of you who live in the Spring Grove, IL vicinity, Brooke is now taking bookings for vocal lessons. In case you're wondering if she's qualified, here's her resume: Top 40 Contestant Fox Televisions American Idol Season 5, IFCA Division 1 Vocal Award, National Choral Award, Professional Studio Work, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Former Warner Bros./Word/Curb Records developmental artist, Opening act for: Steven Curtis Chapman, Toby Mac, Tait, Jeremy Camp, Sonic Flood, Matthew West, Superchick, Jake, Paul Coleman, Hangnail, By The Tree, LaRue, Twila Paris, Kathy Troccoli, Telecast. Yeah, if I lived there, she'd so be giving me lessons. To book lessons, visit here

As for her band, the name is Goodbye, and it features Billy Adams on guitar, Jeff Courtney on guitar, Scott Barrettsmith on bass, Vic Barrettsmith on drums, and Brooke on vocals. Looks like all the Barrettsmiths are there except Leah, who is in Nashville pursuing her own dreams in the Music City. If you want to check out Goodbye on the web, visit their website at Brooke's personal space is at at so go check it out.

And that's your update!


At 5:27 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

of course, shes not coming to michigan.
oh well

At 7:58 PM, Blogger Michael said...


Rightly so I alway knew you took your Musical Ramblings a lot more seriously than I do, and that include you American Idol Review's, and if you haven't paid attention I am slowly (turtle's pace), jumping on the dump Pickler bandwagon. Wow at the sexy photo's these chicks send you, Gee I forgot how lucky you former DJ's had it. Chicks crawling all over you and stuff. Hey great blog as usual.

At 5:59 PM, Blogger Jordan Southerland said...

JD, Hey
If your intrested I would love to do something with ur blog, I am Jordan Southerland final 110 Hollywood contestant. I got to know a lot of the contestants. and I have a lot to say!!!!
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