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American Teen: Jaclyn Crum

There are two types of Idol fans. There are people who watch Idol. And then there are people who KNOW way more than any human being should be allowed to know about Idol. As many of you are aware, I fall into the latter half. I remember things about the fourth season in particular that most of my friends who watch the show are clueless about. But it brings me great joy to be in touch with a lot of these past contestants, because I find it's interesting in a sort of a "where are they now" sense, and also because a lot of them are doing things that are really interesting.

One of my season four favorites was Jaclyn Crum. She just missed making the cut for the Top 24, so she never got to be voted on by America, but she was definitely one of the stars of the show during the Hollywood rounds. The camera seemed to love her, even though (or, perhaps, because) she got emotional in front of it a lot.

But not all Idol contestants go on to pursue fortune and fame in the music industry after their run. In fact, a good portion of them settle down and settle in for a good normal life. This is where Jaclyn is two years later. She's a mother now, with one on the way, a high school graduate working on a college career, and she's living the normal life in Gahanna, OH. She sat down with me on the phone and talked to me for a while about Idol and life after.

J.D.: What was it like being a 16 year old walking into something that's as huge as American Idol?

Jaclyn: Well it was really overwhelming. Definitely nerve-racking, because, I mean, I was 16. Now I'm about to be 19, but when I was 16, I was so excited, because when I had first heard about the show, like before it came out and became all big, I was really excited. And it was something that I wanted to do ever since I heard about it, but you have to be 16, and I was only like, I think 14 at the time when it came out. Either 13 or 14. And I watched it when Kelly was on it, and I watched it when Ruben was on it, and I watched when Fantasia was on it. I had my favorites each time, and I would root for them and participate in the show. I just got so excited with them, and when I actually made it, I was like "whoa! I can't believe I made it!" So, it was a lot of fun.

J.D.: You made such a transition, it seems just from watching you, you seemed kind of shy and quiet when you were not singing, and then you turned into this powerful, confident singer. How did you do that?

Jaclyn: Well, I guess I wouldn't say that. If you knew me personally and you talked to my friends and family members, I'm definitely not a shy kind of person like that. I was just nervous. It was a new environment, and basically my main thoughts were on the show, and how well I was going to do, and each day going there and each day giving it your best. And then, y'know, figuring out whether you were going to get cut or not. You basically lived by that day by day, like "oh my God, am I gonna go home?" And once you made it to the next round, you were like "yes! Oh, but there's tomorrow. Y'know, I could be cut tomorrow." So that's what I was mainly shy and nervous about. When I'm on stage, basically I'm there thinking about nothing but singing. It's one of my favorite things to do, so I just let it all out, I guess.

J.D.: Do you think you were ready at that young of an age for the kind of pressures that instant fame can have on you?

Jaclyn: I probably wasn't 100 percent ready. I would say around maybe 80 or so. I was just so excited to be out there. I think that if it were now, it would be totally different. I'm not really sure how, but I know from watching myself on TV, I know what to do and what not to do now!

J.D.: One thing that people seem to remember about you a lot is that you cried a lot on the show. Are you an emotional person?

Jaclyn: Thanks to my mother, yes. If you couldn't tell, my mom is too.

J.D.: One of your defining moments on the fourth season of American Idol is when you were called to the hospital because of your mom, who I believe suffers from multiple sclerosis. Is that correct?

Jaclyn: Wow, you have a good memory.

J.D.: How was that, coming in the midst of all the auditions? How did that affect you?

Jaclyn: To be honest, that was the only time that we had had a problem, was that night. It was mainly me, because I was sick each time that I was in auditions. For some reason, I don't know if it was because of nerves, it's something I get all the time, is strep throat. And I get it constantly, and it's the worst thing for me. And each time that I went out there, I was sick with strep throat. The last time was completely horrible. Like the time that I got cut, I was so happy that we didn't have to sing that day, because I had to come home and get a shot and everything because I was sick. But when we were out there, that one night was the only night that she had a problem. I didn't think that it was her M.S. at first, but I mean, it was part of was something that she ate and she's allergic to, and her throat started closing up. They gave me a choice to either stay there or go with my mom. I love to sing and everything like that, but my family is far more important than singing or anything for that matter. And I wasn't just gonna leave my mom. I was scared that something bad would happen to her.

J.D.: One thing I remember particularly about you was how you reacted on the set of The O.C., which had to be fun, because who wouldn't want to be on the set, right? I was talking to Lisa Tucker the other day, and she actually got a walk-on role on that. How was it to be around all that talent and all that stardom, just even for the briefest moment.

Jaclyn: Well we didn't actually get to meet anybody. Ben (McKenzie) was actually there. He plays Ryan on the show. But his hairdresser was busy with him, so we didn't get to meet him. I think we did get to meet Lindsey (Shannon Lucio), who was Ryan's girlfriend. She had like the really long hair. She was on last season, but she ended up moving away. I don't know if you remember her. That's the only person we got to meet. But I am like the biggest O.C. fan. I adore The O.C. And it was a complete surprise when they told us. We were on the bus, touring and stuff like that, they were showing us around Hollywood. And they stopped in front of the place, and they were like "yeah, so we're going on the set of The O.C." and I was like "" and I started like freaking out. I love that show. It's my favorite show, even though I'm not happy that they killed Marissa, but I still watch it every now and then when I get the chance.

J.D.: I wasn't real happy about that either, but at least we still have Rachel Bilson.

Jaclyn: Yeah.

J.D.: What, aside from the trip to The O.C., were some of the more positive experiences you had with Idol? What do you look back on with really fond memories?

Jaclyn: Staying up late, singing, and being around a bunch of people that love to do the same thing that I did. I met a couple of really great people out there that I really really love, and I'm still friends with a couple of people. I know from being out there, I couldn't have met anybody like them. Just being out there and singing and doing what I love, it was just, I don't know, an amazing experience. I don't think I'll ever experience again something that overwhelming and exciting, especially since I was only 16.

J.D.: I think you told me once before that you had been friends with Carrie Underwood. Are you guys still in contact?

Jaclyn: Yeah, we talk every now and then, but she's a really really busy person.

J.D.: How does it feel watching her win those awards? Do you feel really proud for her?

Jaclyn: Yeah, I do. I get really excited, just because when you're friends with somebody and you see your friend doing a good accomplishment, even if it's my friends in school winning an award or getting recognized, I get excited just like it's me. I know my daughter adores her. She freakin' loves her. We basically talk through email, and I told her I'll always give her a heads up every now and then and tell her how Maria and I are doing. I congratulated her on her last award that she won, because Maria got so excited when she won and started clapping. So we talk every now and then when she has time, but she's really busy, and I'm really busy, so we talk maybe twice a month. Every now and then.

J.D.: You were a friend of Mikalah Gordon's too, weren't you?

Jaclyn: Yeah.

J.D.: Did you guys get along pretty well?

Jaclyn: Yeah, we were supposed to go shopping when we were out there, but we never ended up getting to, because things got cut short. But yeah, we were close.

J.D.: Mikalah's a friend of mine, also. And she's been through a bit of a rough time lately. Do you think that when you're at the age that you and Mikalah were, more problems tend to come up, as opposed to somebody who is in their mid-20's and knows more about where they want their career to go?

Jaclyn: Yeah, I would say they have more experience and everything. And they've been there at that age, like the age that we were at the time, so they've been through it all. I mean, if I were going into something now, I would know more than what I did going into it at the age of 16. So, I mean, I guess that I would say that 16 year olds as younger people have more problems, because they don't really know what they're going into, but they're so excited about going into it that they'll do anything.

J.D.: What are some of the negative things that you remember about being there that maybe you wish you could forget?

Jaclyn: I don't really know. Probably being sick. If I could've helped being sick...I remember the last time I was there, right before I got cut, I had the worst case of strep throat. I didn't even want to be there. I wanted to go home because I was sick, and the plane ride made me even sicker because my ears were popping. And I had to go back home from not only being cut but also from being sick. It was the day before my birthday that I got cut, and I had to go home and get a shot of penicillin because I was so sick that I couldn't even talk. I think that was probably the worst thing about the whole entire episode, going out there and being sick each time that I went out there. Other than that, I had the most wonderful time ever. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

J.D.: When the Top 24 was being chosen, and you were all in the room wondering if it was going to be you or not, it all came down to a choice between you and Amanda Avila. Simon asked you if you didn't make it if you would come back the next year, and you said yes. Do you think by answering yes that that might have influenced their choice at all?

Jaclyn: No, I think, to be honest, they just sat down before we were even brought back out to Hollywood, and they watched the tape and went back over the tapes, and they picked all the people that they wanted to, and they just sat them in the order of how they were gonna call them out, one by one, how they were gonna be chosen or how they were gonna be cut. So I think that their decision was already made before we were even brought out in Hollywood.

J.D.: I know you hold no hard feelings toward Amanda. She's a great girl. Even let me sing to her once.

Jaclyn: Oh, it was never a competition between just me and her. It's a competition between everybody. To be honest, she was really really nice. She was in the elevator babying me, and she was holding me, and she kept telling me she was sorry. And she didn't have anything to be sorry for, just because they chose her over me. It's not like she and I were both sitting there and they said "you're a better singer than this person" or "you're a worse singer than this person, so I'm going to choose you." I know that they didn't choose it just on voice. They chose it on a lot more other things. She's a lot older than me, and she has way more experience than me. Like Randy said, I don't think that at the time I was exactly ready, because I was so nervous going into it, and that was the first big big thing to happen to me. I don't think it was anything between me and her, and she's a great person. I really liked her the whole time we were out there. She was always really nice to me, so I have nothing against her.

J.D.: I really enjoyed meeting her. I still would've liked to see you in front of America's vote though. I think you might've gone a little further than that. You had a lot of exposure and a lot of people rooting for you. A lot of people really enjoyed your personality. I sure did. Did any opportunities open up for you after Idol?

Jaclyn: Well, I did a cancer benefit. Everything was kinda like here and there. I didn't get a lot of things done, because you have so many months before you're out of contract. You have to stay under contract with them, and they get to choose what you do. Also, I was still finishing up school, and I had a lot to make up, because it was my junior year, and I didn't want to fall behind or anything. Right after the show, I had to come back and get some extra tutoring in to catch me up from where I had missed out. The beginning of April was when I got pregnant with Maria, and I didn't want to do anything after that. I was kinda embarrassed at first. I mean, now I wouldn't trade her for the world, but... I told my dad I wanted to limit things, so I did a couple of national anthems at football games. I did the cancer benefit. I sang at this memorial tribute thing that we have in Gahanna for the veterans. Just small stuff like here and there.

J.D.: Do you think maybe once Maria and the second child that's on the way get a little older that you might look towards that field again?

Maybe. I haven't really thought much of it. I hope Maria does it! I would be so excited if Maria does it, because she is a such a good singer! I mean, I know she's only about to be one, but she sings really good, so I hope she'll follow in my footsteps and be famous for me!

J.D.: Maybe she'll have all your energy.

Jaclyn: Oh she has double my energy!

J.D.: What was it like to be finishing high school and starting a college education while getting used to being a new mom?

Jaclyn: It actually wasn't really that hard. I mean, I have a lot of people that support me, like my family and friends, so it wasn't hard. It's not really hard when you have a lot of help from the people that you love.

J.D.: You have voiced your strong opinions about your current pregnancy and how you feel about keeping your baby. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Jaclyn: My thoughts on abortion. Yeah, I don't believe in it. I think that basically by somebody getting an abortion, they're putting all their faults on an innocent human being, and that's not right. I mean, I know people that have gotten it, and I'm not going just not ever speak to them again because of it, but it's not something that I even believe in. I don't think it should be an option for anybody to do, because that's basically you saying "even though I made a mistake, it's all this baby's fault." And that's not right. The baby had no control over anything whatsoever, and it's not right to kill an innocent little child because of the mistakes that you've made. God put us all here for a reason, and He didn't make a woman become pregnant with a child for her to go out and kill it. So, I'm totally totally totally against abortion. I hate abortion. I wish it was illegal.

J.D.: That's a really profound statement coming from somebody so young. I definitely respect you for your belief there. Apparently, you've had a lot of time to think about it.

Jaclyn: Yeah.

J.D.: I know you're not the only girl out there who may have gone through this, becoming a single mother and having regrets about becoming a single mom. Fantasia is one, and she's still successful.

Yeah, really, and I would have to say I look up to her. My mom did it with me, and I look up to her for her. But to be honest, I know that some day I'll meet somebody that will be just like my dad, who is actually my step-dad, but I think of him as my dad, because he's been there ever since I was two. So I have a dad. I didn't lose out on anything because my real father wasn't ever there. I couldn't ask for a better person to be my dad. I love him a lot, and so does my mom, and Maria adores him. So I know that one day God has a plan for me that will consist of somebody else. I have plenty of family and friends to help me out along the way.

J.D.: What would you say as someone who has been through this, and who is going through this at the moment, to girls out there who are in your situation and may need a little advice.

Jaclyn: Don't be stupid, and listen to your parents. This is exactly what I was telling Maria today. We tell you this stuff for a reason, so you better listen. Because we're not doing it to be mean, we're just doing it to keep you from being hurt. I swear I wish I would have listened. My dad told me from day one, and I never ever listened, but I wish I would have. I only can hope that Maria doesn't follow in my footsteps there and that she actually listens to me. I would just basically say to them, keep your head up and God has a plan for everybody. You may be really unhappy now, but one day God will make you really happy, and you will meet somebody who you are supposed to be with and spend the rest of your life with, and everything will all be worth it afterwards.

J.D.: If you're never ever famous ever again, and you wanted us to remember one thing about you, what would that be?

Jaclyn: Um... I don't know! Unfortunately, I didn't really get a say in that, but everybody remembers me as two things: the girl who's really emotional and always cried a lot, and the girl whose mom went to the hospital. I don't know what I would want people to remember me by, but I know that that's what people do remember me by.

One last word of wisdom for people out there?

Jaclyn: I would just say, give it your best shot. Because you can only do so much as a human being, but if it's something that you really want to do, go for it. And don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it, because if you think that you can, then you can do it. You're the one who makes the decisions in your life. The goals you've got in life are not anybody elses. So go do it!

Sounds like words to live by. Thanks Jaclyn, and best of luck. We'll look forward to seeing Maria on American Idol Season 22!!


At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, she does not believe in abortion. But does she believe in contraception or will she go on popping out a baby every year ? A single 18-yr-old with 2 babies - that's nothing to be proud of.

At 10:29 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

Neither is posting anonymously. I do believe that she said she had to deal with some embarrassment about that, and I don't know about you, but I did read that she had regrets.

And by the way, has your life been perfect? Or have you made mistakes? People do. Alright then.

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see making one mistake. But if she was so embarrassed about the first baby, why is she pregnant again when the first one is not even a year old yet ? She does not seem to learn from her mistakes.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

If all I made in my life was two mistakes, I would be patting myself on the back. Unfortunately, some of us do have to learn the hard way. And to her credit, she is trying her best and doing everything she can to overcome, raise her kids, and make a normal life for them. Like I said, we all make mistakes (perhaps even two.) It's all part of the learning experience called life. And unless we're perfect, who are we to judge?

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like her family is shouldering most of the burden. That's why she does not find it hard to deal with 2 babies, a college and no job. She is not learning the hard way, obviously.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

What did she ever do to you? I understand disliking someone, but no need to pick on the girl. I prefer to give her the benefit of a doubt.

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't dislike her at all. It is her behavior that I find objectionable. A single 18-yr-old with 2 babies is not something to glorify. The message that you are sending with this interview is that there is nothing wrong with it. And you probably have a lot of teenage readers. Surely they deserve to hear an opposing point of view as well ? You know as well as I do that single teenage parenthood is not good for the mothers, babies or the society as a whole. So, just for the balance, please allow some critical opinions as well without bashing the poster. I am not saying anything outrageous and in fact I bet majority would agree with me.

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey anon, haven't you got anything better to do with your life that pick this young woman apart? How do you know her fam is shouldering most of the "burden" anyway? Women with young children who continue schooling and have jobs are forced to put their kids in daycare. Are you insinuating that that is a better situation???? She is lucky to have her parents available watch her daughter. This child is getting a great life. I'm sure she still spends plenty of time changing diapers and wiping away tears. I don't think she's encouraging teenage pregnancies in any way. It's just a situation that happened to work out OK for her.

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous A-holes aside, another of your interviews renews my faith in the younger generation.

I made plenty of mistakes in my youth. This lady is not trying to deny that she made mistakes, did not attempt to escape responsibility for those mistakes and is fulfilling her responsiblity to the innocent lives that resulted from her mistakes.

Short of perfection, what more can you ask for?

I guess AA (Anonymous A-hole) would have preferred for her parents to abandon her and leave her (and their grandchild(ren)) out in the cold to fend for themselves.

I wish her and her children the best. They are in for a long hard haul no matter how much help they get from family. So far, she seems to be living up to her responsibilities and facing the consequences of her choices.

Good on her. There's hope for America yet.

At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Response to MA:

"How do you know her fam is shouldering most of the "burden" anyway?"

I know it because she said it. She said it's not hard to handle 2 kids and a college when you have your family to help you. Now find me an adult, married woman who will tell you that handling 2 kids and a college is not hard. Her family must be doing most of the work for her.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

It's funny how people make such self-assured comments about people they don't even know. As someone who's actually talked to Jaclyn, both on and off the record, I can tell you that I believe she's trying. Is she mixed up? Sure. Is what she did right? No. Note her warning to "listen to your parents!" The lesson to young teen girls who might be reading is simply this: don't get pregnant, but if you do mess up, here's a good way to handle it.

But then I guess we couldn't cover our own insecurities if we weren't harping on the flaws of others.

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, JD, the lesson to young teen girls reading this is that handling 2 babies at the age of 18 is easy when you get your family to do most of the work for you. There is nothing in this interview that tells you how hard it is and how it messes up your life. The message is quite the opposite. And another message to young teen girls is that such behavior is perfectly normal. It has to be, if anyone who criticizes it gets bashed, right ?

At 4:54 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

You read into it what you wish to. And I love that people who have a differing opinion are "bashers," yet your opinion of Jaclyn isn't "bashing" at all, is it?

There's nothing wrong with striving for a little tenderness. I think it's amazing that her family has stepped up and helped her take care. Not everybody is that fortunate. I don't think that the mess she's gotten herself into is to be admired, but don't hate because she's got a support system. That's what families do for each other.

And another thing, if you really feel that strongly about it, why be anonymous? If I know you, at least let me know who you are. If not, why hide behind a keyboard and cast stones at someone who has admittedly messed up, but is trying to get her life back on track?

Hold each other up...putting people down is so yesterday.

At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If buy "burden" you mean financial, then sure it is her family's burden at this point. But as far as raising the child you have no evidence about how much time she spends with her child, taking her to doctors appointments, the playground, etc. And although this isn't what you like to hear, sometimes having a child young doesn't mess everything up. I have a friend who got pregnant at 17 and she is the most wonderful mother in the world and remings me of jaclyn. She did have her fam to help out with money and allow her to go to college but when she was not in school she spent every waking minute with her daughter, teaching her ABCs and right from wrong. She never went out partying and you know what she didn't care. Now her child is 5 and is excelling in full day pre-kindergarten, she has a career and just recently moved out on her own as she is fully able to provide for her daughter. This is NOT a typical teenage mom story but it is TRUE and it is the same thing happening with Jaclyn. So get over yourself and give this girl some credit, will ya?

At 3:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you, Anon. And here's my name, too. :) My full name. Let's face it: JD has a very Christian doctrine that he tends to push, he is devout and nothing wrong with that. But we worked hard in this country to give women the right to choose: a life, a path, a birth. It isn't a child, it's a sperm - and it makes me sad that this child is raising children in this way. Really, I wish her the best, she seems like a sweet girl. But - sheesh. She's 18 and she's alreading planning that her DAUGHTER have the life she won't have? That's just sad.

At 7:58 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

Apparently I've been reading a different blog, because I've never seen myself pushing an agenda, Christian or otherwise.

I'm challenged to decide who is more intolerant, as well.

You should be ashamed of yourself, judging people you don't know. What gives you the right? Nothing, save for your own inadequacies that apparently are so desperate for cover-up that you can't help but harp on the mistakes of others.

What's really sad is that people speak with such confidence on things and people that they know little about.

I believe in women's rights just as much as the next person, and I quite often hold women up on a different plane than I do men...a higher plane... but any woman who would destroy another person (whether they change the terminology from "human" to "sperm" or whatever helps them sleep at night) isn't acting like a woman in my book. I wonder how you would feel if she threw her baby in a garbage can? You could just consider it a post-natal abortion.

It's also very amazing to me that those of you who champion the right for tolerance for abortion have absolutely NO tolerance for women who exercise their right to let their children live. I don't think that freedom applies only to you, right? Being pro-choice naturally implies that there is a second choice, and that second choice is allowing the baby to live.

And how is it sad that she's planning a life for her baby????? I rather find it quite nice that she's stopped thinking selfishly and is putting her effort into raising the child she brought into this world. Responsibility may be an ugly word to some of you, but please, think before you push the publish button.

In my posting, I have striven not to take a side, but to let these people objectively present themselves, whether it's ugly to you or not. I wish everyone could be respectful and do the same. Let people live and be nice to each other.

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm definitely type 1, but I can always count on you to keep me informed.

Miss jaclyn has a beautiful little one, and about to be mom for a second time...more power to that sister!

At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I believe in women's rights just as much as the next person, and I quite often hold women up on a different plane than I do men...a higher plane... but any woman who would destroy another person (whether they change the terminology from "human" to "sperm" or whatever helps them sleep at night) isn't acting like a woman in my book. I wonder how you would feel if she threw her baby in a garbage can? You could just consider it a post-natal abortion."

Oh for crying out loud JD. Abortion isn't destroying another person - please don't go there, pal. I have had an abortion, I don't feel I'm a murderer and I AM a person. It was my decision, not your agenda. That's what I mean about a Christian agenda. and by the way, I don't regret it. It was the right thing to do. And I certainly wasn't suggesting that Jaclyn abort her babies - that's her decision and none of my business. But there's truth to the notion that presenting this girl in this way influences more teen parents - and many have it much much rougher than Jaclyn who is lucky to have a family to help her. Please don't call me a non-person because I made a choice YOU disagree with. Thanks. Respect, dude. It goes both ways.

At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, JD? You really went too far this time with your little abortion rant. Sorry, but you are a complete asshole. Telling a woman that she is a murderer is one step from shooting abortion doctors. Why don't you just stick to writing about music and stfu?

At 10:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arguing about abortion is pointless. Everyone is entitled to their point of view and nobody is going to change their mind.

However, if Jaclyn and JD are entitled to call abortion murder, then I and others are entitled to call Jaclyn's behavior irresponsible and JD's glamorization of teenage pregnancy irresponsible as well.

And, in Jaclyn's case, the choice is not between abortion and keeping the baby. The choice is between an irresponsible and responsible behavior (using contraception or abstinence).

And to Ma: kudos to your friend. She made one mistake and learned from it. She did not go on to have more babies. And if anybody brings up Fantasia, she did not go on to have another out-of-wedlock baby either. That's what I call learning the hard way. I am afraid, Jaclyn has not learned a thing or at least she does not express it in the interview.

At 3:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, Anonymous. You said it better than I could have. :)

At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How on earth does anyone know whether she used contraception or not? None of us was there. Sometimes contraception fails, you know.

I think it's interesting how much judgment pregnant teenagers have to deal with when many of their peers are being just as irresponsible but don't happen to end up pregnant.

As far as her parents helping her out, I'd much rather have that than to have those babies grow up without the money and support they need. It's better for them to support her now so that she can get her college degree and go on to get a job that will support her babies than to force her to work a low wage job now that will result in her being stuck in that job for the rest of her life and her children's lives. In my opinion, it's more important for those babies to grow up happy and healthy than for Jaclyn to have to go through what single mothers with no support have to go through.


At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It isn't a child, it's a sperm

You need to revisit your eighth grade biology lessons again. You're a bit confused about how all this works.

I have had an abortion, I don't feel I'm a murderer and I AM a person.

Well, that pretty much explains that one. If I were a murderer, I'd probably try to absolve my conscience by insisting it really wasn't murder too. Let me clue you in: It doesn't matter whether you FEEL like a murderer or not (or insist upon lying to yourself about the nature of pregnancy in order to convince yourself not to FEEL like a murderer).

You are what you are.

Sorry, but you are a complete asshole. Telling a woman that she is a murderer is one step from shooting abortion doctors. Why don't you just stick to writing about music and stfu?

Now that's a mature and rational argument. "I don't agree with you so I'm going to call you names, project my own violent tendencies onto you and then try to avoid having to hear arguments to which I have no logical rebuttal by insisting that you stop talking".

Have you ever seen an aborted child? I have. It's murder plain and simple. A rose by any other name...

if Jaclyn and JD are entitled to call abortion murder, then I and others are entitled to call Jaclyn's behavior irresponsible and JD's glamorization of teenage pregnancy irresponsible as well.

I don't believe that anyone here has said you aren't entitled to say what you want. Only that you are wrong and that you should be more understanding and considerate.

J.D. has not, at any time in this conversation, been anything other than civil and polite. He has stated what HE would do, how HE feels and how he thinks OTHERS SHOULD treat other people. At no time has he told anyone what THYEY MUST do, inferred that those with opposing opinions have no right to speak or referred to any of the participants in this discussion in a derogatory way.

You respond to his civility and rational arguments by calling him names and inferring that he doesn't have the right to speak his mind...on HIS blog.

If you look back at the posts, I was the one who first said that the deprecator was an a-hole. I feel no need to be civil when faced with utter stupidity but accusing J.D. of anything other than conducting a civil, courteous discussion is an outright fabrication.

You are absolutely entitled to say whatever you want. Knock yourself out. But don't get all offended and start calling civil people names when the stupidity of your argument is pointed out to you.

I reiterate: A-holes!

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sailorcurt talking about civility and rational discussion is about as funny as Britney Spears talking about decency.

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sick of hearing people say "God made this baby" and "God has a plan for me".....God doesn't make babies, having sex does!

You make your own life...don't blame your mistakes on God!

At 4:16 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Y'know, I started to say something, but then I realized that the haters pretty much made all my points for me and they make themselves look much more ridiculous than I ever could.

Funny. Too funny.

And when a post says "anonymous" and then goes on this courageous and ballsy rant while being way too chicken to even give a nickname...that speaks volumes too. At least come up with an "I-gave-myself-this-nickname while-others-gave-me-wedgies " nickname like Jonny Rave, for goodness sake :)

I love the discussion, though. The great thing about this country is that we're all free to disagree.

At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess what? Jonine Rave is my given name. Yup. It's true.

Problem is, JD isn't all that bright. I feel kind of sorry for him. He's riding the short bus.

Just another example of why it's important to keep abortion safe and legal, folks.

Ok, back to your fundamentalist offerings now. boo! ;)

At 10:16 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Well if ever there was a poster child for abortion... nah, too easy.

Hope you guys enjoy the same freedoms of speech that you seek to deny those who differ in opinion from you.

Let that sink in amongst all your pent up anger. Nite!

At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never said I was civil. I never had any intention of being civil.

This issue has personal implications for me and it flat out pisses me off when narcissistic, infantile, immature people who want nothing more than to avoid the consequences of their actions insist that the actions that resulted in the death of their OWN CHILD were nothing more than a personal choice and have no implications as to life or murder.

As far as I'm concerned anyone who has had an abortion and feels no remorse or guilt for their actions is no better than any other psycho murderer who does their deeds with no conscience.

Yes, people make mistakes. Some people make the mistake of killing their child because it happens to be legal and at the time was more convenient for them to do so than to live up to the responsibilities that they undertook whey they chose to have sex. The ones who recognize their mistake and repent of it are fine in my book. No one is perfect and everyone can be forgiven.

The unrepentant ones, however, deserve and will receive no respect from me.

With that out of my system. Back to the subject.

Call me uncivil all you want. As I said, I never intended to be. But to unload on J.D. as you have, who has been the epitome of civil, demonstrates perfectly, exactly what kind of people you are:

Narcissitic (look it up if you need to)






I could go on but I'll let it rest.

At 12:59 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Sailorcurt, I find it ironic that those who insist on having the freedom to express a pro-choice viewpoint quite often want to take that very freedom away from those of differing viewpoints.

At 4:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, I normally avoid touchy arguments via websites because you normally don't change anyone's mind, but what the heck...

My only advice to anyone in this debate is to be consistent. I have a coworker who is pro-choice. Her friend was pregnant and showed her sonogram pix. They both were ecstatic. Without thinking I said, and to think it's o.k. in America to kill that baby. She seemed to have to really think after that. If you don't think a baby is a human until the moment it breathes on its own, then don't get excited about sonogram pix. The fetus is a child or not regardless of your desire to have it.

Everyone should make a decision regarding when they think a baby is a human being. For me, that point is at conception, which is why I don't even use hormonal birth control because most are also abortive from this viewpoint (something most pro-life people don't even consider).

Btw, I am a 27-year-old married woman, in case that affects your criticism of my views. Last year my 15-year-old sister foolishly put herself in a position where she believed she was pregnant, and guess what, abortion never entered the conversation - she would have given the child up for adoption, and guess what, her life would have gone on. She would have paid the consequence of her decision but she wouldn't have compounded it by taking her child's life.

At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please JD. You know perfectly well you asked those questions of poor little Jacyln to get the answers you wanted. LOL.

There are people who are not emotionally able to raise a child (I'm not saying that Jacklyn. is one of them)and there are tons of screwed up kids out there. That's a fact. I think every child should be a WANTED child.

Do I want to shut up Pro Life people? No I don't. They have every right to their opinion. I didn't vote for Bush, but I have many friends who did. That's their choice.

HOWEVER - when your laws affect MY body, that's not cool. Everyone should make their OWN decision. I don't believe that humans begin at conception myself. You might as well make it illegal to masturbate then! I mean that's life on that napkin.

Peace my friends.

At 7:43 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Actually, no, I didn't. There wasn't any intent or manipulation behind the interview. I just asked an obvious question based on the research I had done on her. Whether or not that answer was tasteful to the audience is irrelevant to the truth of it. That's objective journalism for you, I guess. I honestly didn't go into the interview with any sort of agenda, but I do constantly go for things that will get people talking, as this did. Also, it was a forum for Jaclyn to express her opinions, which she did quite eloquently, so y'know, it is what it is.

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delia, there's a difference between sperm and a fertilized egg. My opinion is life begins at conception: egg + sperm. Pretty different from masturbation or a menstrual cycle. That's my opinion. My main point is everyone should have a specific point where they believe life begins. I think most people, even many pro-choicers, would believe a fetus is a human when the child could live on its own outside the womb. That would eliminate most 3rd tri-mester abortions. I think it's important for people to make an educated decision, not a blanket statement. That's all I ask.

At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! All this over a simple, well intentioned interview? I'll just say birth control doesn't always work and in a day & time when some people just abandon their babies out on the street corner in their carseats or drop them off at Fire Stations or in a trashcan, kudos to Jaclyn to owning up to her life. I wish her much success in the future as she continues her education and tries to keep her babies loved and cared for in her life. And what wonderful parents to help her. I'm sure their sacrifice will be returned many times over with the love they feel for those babies.

So geez, people; take it to Court again and duke it out there, but leave us music/Idol lovers here in peace with the intended pleasure of hearing more about Jaclyn since Idol. Oh, and enjoying that precious pic of Jaclyn kissing her sweet baby. Thanks for that, JD.

High 5 on another great interview. Don't let the haters rattle your cage. You know you did good.

Your Fellow Shelby Countian,

At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the "simple, well-intentioned interview" was a little gem about JD's views on abortion, which ruffled a couple of peoples' feathers and I don't blame them. (And I'm not really pro choice myself so that's saying a lot.) If he wants to give forth on the music industry, go to it. But if he's going to proclaim women who get abortion as murderers - like I said, I'm not really pro choice but I would never write something like that - I know it's a painful decision for a woman - well, then, the hater force should be no surprise.

At 7:40 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

Yeah, because I'm certainly not as entitled to my views as others are to theirs, right? Hmmm. Silly me. For some reason I thought both viewpoints were constitutionally protected.

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous: I do agree with you 100% that teenage motherhood is nothing to be proud of or glorify, and it certainly isn't a normal lifestyle. But I do know that Jaclyn is a responsible parent who is working while going to school to support herself and her child. She also seems to spend a lot of quality time with Maria, and tends to her when she is sick. Her family may help out, but she has not pawned the baby off on them. I know all this because I read it on her MySpace before she set it to Private.

What Jaclyn can't tell at this point is whether balancing motherhood with work and college while raising TWO babies still in diapers will still be easy, despite all the help she gets. That will be a challenge for her, but I know she is up for it.

And I agree with whoever said that Jaclyn is way too young to be giving up her dream of being a singer and handing it over to her daughter. When her children are older, she can certainly take a shot at a career, and Maria can, too, should she choose to pursue that path. They could even one day be the new Wynonna and Naomi Judd.

I give Jaclyn a lot of credit for taking full responsibility of her daughter while trying to reach her fullest potential and make a better life for herself and both of her children. She is a talented, ambitious young woman, and I hope she goes far in everything she does.

At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, this is actually my first time gettin to see all this and I'm amazed... I would just like to know how many of you anonymous people where there with me each time I got pregnant? When did I ever say if I used birth control or not? And I NEVER EVER said to go out and get pregnant in your teen years, just because I did somethin doesn't me for you to do it too... I would NEVER want Maria to go out and get pregnant at a young age, but if she does then I'll be there for her, like my family AND FRIENDS are for me. Does that mean I pawn her off on them? Def. NOT! If you know me I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with Maria and I just can't get enough of her, and by the way I have a full time job at a wonderful place where I make great money for my kids and I, and yes I do hate going there everyday and missing my time with my angel, BUT I am an ADULT now and everyone has to grow up and get a job to support themselves as well as there families. Now where I come from we have a lot of young mothers, but I'm not tellin kids "hey go make babies!" But I would like to know why you think that becuz I have 2 kids that I didn't learn from my mistakes? How do you know that I was or was not using birth control? And I would just like to say that Michael, both my children's father is an AMAZING Daddy! Just becuz we aren't married doesn't mean we don't love each other or our kids. We both take full respondsiblity for our children and adore them, whether they were meant to happen or not. There's nothin I would do for my babies and I also NEVER said I was giving up on singin! At this time in my life I would like to enjoy my children's childhood, I don't want to go off on tour and never get to see them. And I certainally never said I was proud of myself for making the decisions that I made but we all make mistakes if not the same one sometimes, I'm NOT perfect. And to me with all my friends and love and support it isn't hard for me, the only thing that is hard is leavin Maria when I have to go to work. I never said it wasn't hard for anyone else. I spend all my time besides when I go to work with her, and recently she was sick and I called in a couple days at work to tend to her. I really wished it could have been me sick instead her becuz I hate seein her down, she is a very bubbly, high spirted baby, who brings me nothing but pure joy. But I do not bash your critisim, I only feel the you do not know me and what I do with my life and to me I try my very best at being a mom and though I do not feel that teens should be going out and havin babies, if they do THEY ARE GREAT MOTHERS TOO!! Age should matter how much you love your child, it should matter if you are tending to your childs needs, which I am at her beck and call, I made her and it's mine and her fathers job to take care of her and we are nothing but happy to do so. And please don't take my word out of context, I NEVER said that raising 2 kids was easy, I don't even have the second one here yet to even make an opinon, but I'm sure it will be hard, but that doesn't mean I won't give it my all. And a baby isn't a "sperm" it is when it is in the father, yes, but once the eggs and sperm meet and there is conception, it's a baby aka human, there a heartbeat there you should listen. And yea I'm against it and don't think it's right but that doesn't mean we all need to bash each other about it, if you had an abortion, you had one, I just don't think it is right. My friend actually had one while I was preg. with Maria. It happens and alot of people do it. That doesn't mean I hate her and bash her for it, I just don't believe in it and I do think it's wrong and it's never and option in my book. And I know when she is ready she'll make a great mom. I just don't think its right for people to make assumptions about me when you don't even know me. I work hard for my money and my daughter, it isn't my families respondsiblity to tend to my money or my babies. My mom watches Maria when I go to work, yeah I'd rather that then her being with someone at daycare I don't know or trust, but after work, she's all mine and Michaels. I don't let anyone take her to her dr appts. cuz I love to know how much she grows and the changes she will go through. I go and do everything with her, she is so much fun! And I never said Maria will have the life I never did. My life is JUST begining and I have plenty of time to go on with my dreams, but right now I'm focused on Maria, and once both kids are a little older, then I'll presue my dreams, I never said I was giving up, only hoping Maria will be a singer like me. And that will be HER decision
not mine, she may not even like singin.

"And, in Jaclyn's case, the choice is not between abortion and keeping the baby. The choice is between an irresponsible and responsible behavior (using contraception or abstinence)."

And I am not irresponsible, I take FULL responsibilty for my actions. So please, don't make random guesses about me, you don;t even know me. But it's sad becuz many people can't even have kids and would love the baby that someone is going to abort. And it's not fair that someone isn't giving a poor lil baby a chance at life. This is my opinion, whether you digree or not. All I said what it was wrong and to me it is. J.D and I simply had an interview and he asked me so I told him. I don't hate on any of you or say how irresponsible you are and what not, so why say I am when you don't know me? Like I said, it's somethin I am against and everyone has there own opinions. And my message to all the young readers out here is don't get pregnant at a young age. Like I said before and I'll say AGAIN, LISTEN to your PARENTS! I'm not condoning getting pregnant young just becuz I have two. BUT everyone does make mistakes and I would say to THINK before you DO. I also would like to say thank you to my fans and I love you all....

p.s. also I love my kids VERY much and wouldn't trade them for the world!

At 11:02 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Actually Jaclyn does work... she even said that in the interview.. and where do u get off sayin that she shoulders her kid off.. you dont know her and how she lives her life, i kno her personally and she takes very good care of here daughter.. and i kno she will be a great mommy to the next baby.. and yes she does get help from her family, but i am a teen mother and so do I. But when you are working a 40 hour a week job, its nice to have them there to watch your kids so you dont have to pay for a sitter.. that costs alot of money. Jaclyn is a great mommy and i love her and Maria very much! Maria may have been an accident... but she is still one of the best things that have happened to Jaclyn! and even though she is pregant again it will just make her a stronger person! I love u Jaclyn!

At 11:04 PM, Blogger Nichole said...

So i have gone to school with jaclyn since freshman year, and i think that she is an amazing mother and is doing very well for herself ...reading about all these people bashing her is just making me hurt for her.. yeah shes made some mistakes but she loves maria more than anyone could ever love their child and im sure it will be the same with the second one.... Jac... i wish you the best of luck and anything you need im here for you <3 Nichole

At 11:31 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

I think Jaclyn said it all. Good job, girl. I know I'm rootin' for ya.

At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jaclyn...Umm girl you need to ignore these haters..I can't wait for the new baby. I'm excited for another one...two neices or a neice n a nephew..woo more babies for me! I'm proud of you Muahz love you!!!..besides your pregnant. You don't need to listen to them anyways...much lovez!!!


At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd just like it if everyone would stop fighting with each other, it's all somethin we believe in and we all have different beliefs... Happy Hoildays everyone, just spread some cheer!

At 9:57 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

I second that emotion!

Merry Christmas everybody!

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 11:16 AM, Blogger cmandersen said...

i have one thing to say to this anonymous person i am to a teen mom i have a 1 year old and am only 19. you know what i am envious of her because she has gone through so much and she can still hold her head up hight and ignore the rude and baggering coments in this blog you realy need to stop baggering her for being a mom how would you like it if someong bashed about your mother in this blog.

At 11:22 AM, Blogger cmandersen said...

and another thing contraception dosen't always work i used a condum and was on the pill and i still got pregnant and you know what handling one kid is easy for me and i do it by myself and i juggle a job, collage, and my child without my parents even helping me so you know what stop with the bligerant coments about her having a child and another one on the way because if you were in her shoes right now you wouldn't wan't B****es out there talking a bout you that way would you?????

At 11:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys have alot of nerver getting on here judging people...especially someone you dont even know....if she wants to pop out a baby every year that her choice and she can still be a wonderful mother..and still be proud of it no matter what age you are once you have a baby its the most wonderful experience...speaking from experience myself...I'm a nineteen year old mother with a 5 month old baby not a single regret and proud as i can be... so why dont people quit jumping so quick to judge people i mean after all she could be going out there and having kids with multiple dads...jaclyn being a 18 year old mother with two kids is defintely something to be proud of! I wish you the best of luck from what I notice your a wonderful mother that gives the love to their child that they need keep your head up babygirl

At 3:47 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

WTF jaclyn is my girl and in no way shape or form are babies mistakes. i have one of my own and im only 18 so i should know. the haters have no idea what theyre talking about. it is the most amazing feeling in the world to be a mommy, whether your young or not. and i know for a fact the jaclyn is an awesome mom. i love you jaclyn!!!

At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ashley Loomis--Congrats Jaclyn on your second child! Dont let any of these people get you down. I complement you on taking responsibility for your actions. you are giving your children life....thats a wonderful thing :-)

At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks to all the loves but like i said don't fight, they have there opions and we have ours, i just dont think i should be called a bad mom who pawns her kid off on there parents, even if i tried maria wouldnt even let me, she throws a tantrum everytime i got to leave for work, and none of these people know me to know what kind of mom i am, nor if i used anythin, i DO practice birth control and i've been with the SAME person for 5 years so its not like i walked out on the street and made some kids. I've only been with Michael and i DO love him no matter what happens. and like i said i dont condone teens having babies but if a baby is brought into this world at ANY AGE and you love it and take care of it, YOUR A GREAT MOM! And there is nothin or no one in this ENTIRE world that could ever compare to my babies and i would die for them...

At 2:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So def i have always looked up to Jaclyn because she has always been able to keep her head high and not take shit from anyone, she has done so well for herself graduation i know was amazing for all of us and then raising maria seriously now with a full time job she is amazing and i know how much she loves her baby girl, not to mention the one on the way and all you people who are trying to bring her down because she is a teen mom i will pray for all of you because jaclyn is an amazing person :)
-love ya kristin armbrust-

At 9:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok well i personally know jaclyn, and i know her daughter, im jaclyns sister and marias aunt. even though she may say differnet because i yelled at her and told her how i felt about her ways and how she was acting. And jaclyn is not the perfect princess that she thinks she is, and she may be a teenage parent and we may not even be talking to each other right now, but she is a good mother and she cares more about that little girl than anything else on this earth. and anyone who knows maria would too. she is a very beautiful, intelligent, and loveable child and can make u light up like a chrstmas tree everytime she looks at you. and no i dont agree about somethings that she does with maria , like not letting me see her or our side of the family because of some things that were said, but we are all adults here and we all need to get along. there are 2 kids here that need us more than anything. and yea i said some hurtfull things, but thats what i thought at the moment. i still love maria with all my heart and hope that her mother and i can get along so that we dont have to miss out anymore of any of their lives. so try to cut her some slack. shes doing what she can with what shes got, and unless you have walked in her shoes...shut the hell up!

Merry christmas
<3 aunt ash

At 7:06 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

So she does not believe in abortion..but she believes her kidss are gifts from all children are, not mistakes! I bet half of you were "mistakes". All that matters is she is an awesome mom. Which is more than i can say about most people.

At 7:18 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

first off miss anonymous...coming from a single mom, working a full time job, going to school, and being a full time mom, on my own at the age of 21, yeah it is good for the mom, makes her stronger. And yeah it is good for the kid too. No matter how old jaclyn is, she is a great mom, and it doesn't matter that she is 18, b.c she takes care of her kid, and she is making a life for them, and that baby knows she is loved more than anything in the world, and taken care of. That is all that matters hun. Are you a mom? b.c if you are....shouldn't you know that???

At 7:23 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

And finally, isn't it better that she has a family that helps her out. What are you all trying to say she should be out on the streets alone with the! That is what family is for thank you. I have a son named Gavin..and i am on my own..and my mom and dad still have to help me sometimes...doesn't your family help you! What is she supposed to not have help b.c she has a kid and she is 18? That is where bad moms, who lose their kids and live on the streets comes from...b.c they had no one to help yall..if you don't have kids, and you don't know where she is coming from..than just shut it.

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Stacie said...

I don't understand why people are so hard on teenage parents!! It's don't see what goes on and you have no idea how well our children are taken care of??? There is no reason at all to assume that her parents are doing all the work because there not!! Your just upset that you don't have that help. We appreciate every bit of help we can get!! Yes we are young but we are the same as every other parent out there trying to raise their child(ren)....doing the best the only way we know how, the only way we were taught!! So why don't you learn the facts and figure out what it is you are talking about before you start criticizing people about their lives!! I am a single 18-year-old mother of a 16 month little boy!! He is the joy and happiness in my life and I am now a better person because of him!! No one will ever tell me otherwise and it's the same for Jaclyn!! I have known her since we were little and I still see her often now!! She's a wonderful mother and she does was she thinks to be right just like any other parent......EVERYONE is entitled to make mistakes, that's life....get over it!!


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Oriana said...

If you are not in her situation, then you have no right to talk about her life. Yeah it's hard to be a young mother but you dont really think about the hardship of it, but you think of the good thats coming from it, and what you wish will come ahead. I'm 17, I had a miscarriage last year during my 6th month, I take care of my nephew who's 4 months old (the age my girl would be right now)because his mom is not the very best person to take care of a child (she cant even take care of herself) and her boyfriend is an alcoholic who denies his child. and I'm currently pregnant. Yeah it's hard and i do have family to help me. however i dont rely on them. but as much as i want to do it on my own, i know i cant.. im still in school. I go to the school Jaclyn went to and while she was there, i looked up to her, and i kinda still do.. just like i look up to any and every teenage mother. it's not hard but it's still the greatest gift in the world. and Im proud of her... I might have regreted haing sex way too young but i'll never regret getting pregnant, and im sure thats how she feels too. so instead of bitchin about what she has done wrong in her life, i think every one should just give her some support!!!

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These Haters suck!!!
Don't even take their comments seriously!!! Abortion should not be used as a birth control method and it's the cowardly way out.
You should be a proud mommy you have a beautiful baby girl, and another on the way.
You did the right thing and graduated school and continued to college, a lot of young moms can't or won't. You're very luck to have your family to help you. THAT'S WHAT FAMILY IS FOR. Don't people know that????
We could sit here and hate on all the old moms that put themselves and their baby's in danger by getting pregnant after 35 if we wanted! And the moms who stuff 15 eggs in them just to try to have a baby and chance multiple pregnancies which are high risk!
Times are a changin' people!
Be proud of your little miracles!

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mc said.....
oh my god you people don't even understand.....these two kids made a mistake and were actually blessed for girl is an angel! she is the most beautiful little girl i have ever seen and they are both trying really hard to be the best parents they can be which is extremely rough these days and especially when you are so young.....I am sure they didn't plan to have babies but it happened and they love their little one more than most people I critize if you must as that is your right but don't hate them for making mistakes....and the actual mistake was to have sex without contraception, not having the baby! Jacly, you are great, my hats off to you and your baby's daddy......good luck with the next one....I hope it is a boy!

At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes what life throws your way isnt always easy, but you learn to deal with it. I think a child is a blessing no matter what situation. For those people who are being negative, just remember you don't know the situation, you dont know how it feels to be in her shoes.

At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares if she "pops out" a baby every year, as long as she takes care of them. Age doesn't matter when it comes to being a mother

At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

look... 18/19 yrs.old.... 2 kids... wow. i mean yea...she fcuked up but NOW is the time to get in a damn birthcontrol after the second child. i know she's a good/great mom but i mean for god sakes she's a kid having kids... now it's time to grow up and notbe having unpretected sex or at least have some freakin birthcontol. Jaclyn...i love ya sweetie but be more responsible and get on birthcontrol after this next little one.

At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this anon person needs to just move on and shut up. Dont you think you've said enough? You got out what you wanted to say, now go pick on someone else!

At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this anon person needs to just move on and shut up. Dont you think you've said enough? You got out what you wanted to say, now go pick on someone else!

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jaclyn is a good mom and so what if she wants to better her life by going to school and supporting them financially by going to work.Would you rather she be on welfare when shes able bodied?Or better yet have just anybody watch them she dont know?Its her choice her life.I love Maria with all my heart and if you got a problem with it call someone who cares..your not hard being all ganster with your keyboard.

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you wanna know what is funny is that when someone does not even know jaclyn and can say horrible things about her....i bet many do not know that she is a wonderful mother and her kids will be great people just like she is so if you dont know her then maybe you should find out the truth before you begin to talk bad abot a woman that has the biggest heart and takes care of herself and her family and will as the years pass no matter what any of you say.

At 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok yall really need 2 leave her alone im a 16 year old with a daughter so what its like yall have nuthin else to do but fuss about her so just go out & get a life

At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok so like I said before, HOW DO YOU KNOW I DIDN'T USE BIRTH CONTROL?? You weren't there when it happend and everything happens for a reason!! First of all, I DO have birth control but like I said, it doesn't always work. If god wants you to have a baby, your gonna have one buddy!! And in my eyes I did the right thing by having both my kids. I didn't get pregnant and then go kill the baby, I'm raising them and giving them a life. I love my kids and they are my heart and soul, they keep me going, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be me. I would just be some 19 year old girl. And having a child MAKES YOU GROW UP for some people. Just so you know, I see 40 year olds poppin out babies every yearand throwin them in a dumpster somewhere. Guess where mykids are? In my belly and at my right hand side. My girls will grow up into sucessful beautiful women just like I will. So you pick the wrong person to hate on becuz what ur sayin.. all that bull crap... yea this mama is better than that and give it 2 years, Maria will tell you herself. Nough said, you got a problem with me? message me and you can talk to me direct, and next time, don't be scared, show your name... be real

At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes her first baby is a year old dont even know what the fuck your talkin about....and if she wants to pop out baby's every year then so be it its her decision and her life...not your so you need to back off and mind your business...cuz u dont know the first thing about why dont you just go somewhere else with your rude comments....
(this isnt the asshole that was talkin shit this is Jess sorry Jaclyn for posting it anonymous but i dont have an account)

At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who gives a shit. At the end of the day no one is going to agree. Jaclyn is still going to be mad that for once someone didn't glorify her desicion to have two kids, and she doesn't either. I garentee when she saw herself as a child she never pictured being 18 with 2 kids. It's sad but its her life no one elses. And this guy is just that, a he would never have to face a choice as hard as giving up a child so who gives a shit about his opinion. This is just another stupid way to have more internet drama and make more people hate eachother just because most of these people secretly hate themselves.

At 11:58 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Wow, 72 comments.... that's a record for this site...

You know Jaclyn, you must be something special to make all these people feel like they have to talk about you. I mean, obviously their lives must not amount to much if all the better they have to do is to sit around and bash you.

It's really very brave of whoever it is to post anonymously too and cower behind their keyboards typing as though they weren't too wussy to come out and be known for who they are. Talk about a person to look up to, right?

Like I said on your Myspace, Jaclyn, people just talk crap about others because they feel insecure about themselves. If they point out your flaws, then it diverts attention from their own, and it makes them feel better. Really they're the most miserable people on earth, and nothing that they say can ever take that out of their soul. Take comfort in knowing that whoever is trying to hurt you will never cause you the pain that they themselves are suffering deep down.

And to anonymous.... hahahahaha sucks to be you. Now go ahead and get mad and post some more random crap like the loser you are.

At 2:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the end of the day I could care a less if somebody didn't "glorify" me. That's not the way the world works hun. You don't have to like me, but you could show some respect. I'm not mad about anything, because at the end of the day, I have 2 priceless lil kids that can never be replaced and I thank god for bringin them into my life every day. I don't know if your unhappy about ur life, but I'm happy with mine. And guess what? If I had to do it all over again, I'd do it in a heartbeat. And your right, I didn't picture myself having kids, I didn't think I would be able to. I wanted to very badly, but I was scared I wouldn't be able to but I was wrong. And I am VERY happy I was wrong. Becuz that would mean no Maria who lights up my world and makes my heart skip beats everytime I hear her laugh. No little Maria to wake me up in the morning with a millions lil kisses and "hi, hi" lettin me know shes ready for food... No lil girl to keep me on my tiptoes chasing after her just to hear my favorite little giggle. I would be dead without her. And I'm sure I'll feel the same about my next one. I am thrilled with the way my life turned out. It's been a rocky road but like I said, I wouldn't change it for anything. And when you say "mad" how could I be mad with what I have? The only reason I type to you is to let you know how things really are and to share with you my joy and happiness that I call my kids. I just want to tell you that mommy, no matter how young I am, is the best thing I have ever and will ever be in my life and I hope one day you'll get to have a joy as great as mine, becuz then you'll understand. And maybe you don't want to have kids, but lemme tell ya... your missin out cuz my little girls are what makes my heart beat....

At 7:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people need to get a life!
Lets start talkin smack about the people who kill their babies because they made a mistake. At least she's doing the right thing and taking responsibility for her mistakes.
I think Jaclyn knows she made a mistake, but those two little girls are the best mistakes she'll ever make! And thank God she has her fam to help her, that's what family is for. If her parents aren't complaining about the "burden" no one else should be.
These haters make me sick! I myself started out a young mom at 17 with premature twins. It was a struggle, and my family helped me too. I am now a successful mom of 3, I've been married for 7 years, I own my own home and hold a reliable job. That's going to be you too Jaclyn! Don't forget to update these haters once you get there! And just keep smiling and enjoying life and taking pics until you get there :)

At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happen to know this girl's family well. She had Maria to keep a boy and she got pregnant the second time for the same reason. Most of her actions are for attention...especially the babies. She's a spoiled child herself trying to raise children. Painting your 9 month old baby's toenails and posting her picture all over the internet DOES NOT make a good mother. She takes advantage of her family members in every single way possible and treats some of them terribly...people who have been very good to her...people who have given to her when they had nothing to give...people who have tried their best for her and that baby.

She's very good at putting on a sweet face when it matters (as she must've done during those phone interviews with you J.D.), but for the most part she is a little snot. She has no respect for those who do for her. She has no respect for others in general. She's got a trash mouth and can't wait to brag about what a gangsta her "baby daddy" is.

Honestly, this whole thing is exactly what she wants...attention...negative or positive, she apparently does not care. The sad thing is that she is a beautiful girl with a bit of talent, but she's screaming so loud for attention that it makes her unbearable.

To all those who know her only on myspace, or phone calls...please remember that I know her, and her family closely enough to say these things truthfully. I've seen her with my own eyes brag about really dirty things that I wont even put out there. I've seen her run her mouth and it's awful. In fact, the last conversation I had with her made my stomach hurt and I couldn't wait for it to be over.

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She keeps saying how do you know I wasn't on birth control? Well, how about you already told too many people all your business and told them you got pregnant on purpose?

And you keep saying what an amazing daddy Michael is...that's hysterical. The last I heard was he told you to get an abortion and he was living with another woman.

Fake, fake, and fake.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

Whether or not you know her personally, the fact remains that you are sitting there day in and day out incessantly posting attacks on a thread that most regular readers of this site had forgotten existed. And you don't even have the stones to put your name to it. If you want to talk about character, then that speaks volumes about you.

In any case, is your life perfect? Have you never made mistakes? All of us have been brats, selfish, idiots, jerks, all of that... Even if what you say about Jaclyn is true, what are you doing trying to bring her down? Why not try to help instead? If she's the horrible person you say she is, then maybe she needs your oh-so-shining example to lead her to the light.

To quote the words of someone far more influential and knowledgeable than I... "You who are without sin, cast the first stone."

And to quote my momma: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!"

At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It still amazes me that people say they KNOW me and have to hide there name to prove they don't know me. And let me tell you I'll be honest, when I read it, I CRACKED UP!! I got pregnant to keep a boy, twice haha! First of all, I def. didn't get pregnant on purpose. I'm gonna be very honest, I did want to have Maria cuz I wanted someone to love me and look up to me, but I NEVER tried becuz like I said before, I DIDN'T THINK I WOULD EVEN BE ABLE TO HAVE BABIES!! You know my family so well? Well alot of them CAN'T have kids and i thought I would be one of them. And to keep a boy... ha, if he didn't stay the first time you think I would try again to have a baby so I think he would stay with me when he didn't the first time? Life doesn't work that way hunny. Michael is one of my best friends and he always will be, and let me be the first to tell you, HE IS NOT GANGSTER!!LOL! I don't know where you thought that one up but if you knew him he is the biggest goofball out there. And just becuz we aren't together, doesn't make him a bad dad. I got very lucky and he is a WONDERFUL father to Maria. But I guess you would know that if you knew me which proves you don't. No we are together, yes I live with my mom and dad, but if you knew my family, my mom is OBSESSED with Maria and we were talkin about gettin our own place soon and my mom seems to think that I'm not allowed to move anywhere except with her cuz she doesn't want to not have Maria or I here. And I'm sorry, spoiled? HA! The only spoiling I get is baby kisses 24/7, I do the spoiling...And so what if I paint her toenails, so what if I have pics of her on the internet, are you her mom, no. My page is privite and I have to apporve you before you see it. And alot of my family is on here that don't get time to come and see us cuz the live far away. And I'm sorry but I have people tell me how my pictures light up there day. And it's funny you say I take advantage of my family, they think it's funny you say all this. I love my family becuz in the end that's all you have and you don't treat the ones who got ur back bad. Do we fight, sometimes, who doesn't? I'm sure that YOU'VE never fought with your family before. If how must "respect" do you have by sitting here talkin trash about me and calling me names, yet you can't even post your real one? And honey, please don't act like you know me, you don't. So let's stop pretending and be real. And let me tell you, you def. DON'T know me if your sayin I told everyone I tried to get pregant and I told you that. That is the biggest bunch of bullcrap I've ever heard. If I did I would have no problem sharing that to you, but guess what? It's not the truth so I wouldn't say that it was. And yeah, so what if my life isn't perfect? So what if you don't like me so much you have to hide your name and act like you know me. Get over yourself and stop tryin to put me down.

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No we are together, yes I live with my mom and dad, but if you knew my family"

ps. meant to say we are not together...

At 12:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and one more thing, Michael and i were together when we had Maria so what makes you think I had her to keep him? I already had him...

At 12:34 PM, Blogger cmandersen said...

just stop with the bagering already i know her to and as far as i can say She loves her daughter and takes care of her so well and yea she may be a teen mom with another on the way but that dosent give anyone the right to say what that certian blogger on here has been unless you walk a day in her shoes so why don't you reviel your real name and leave poor jaclyn alone shes a great mom and i know she loves and takes real good care of her daughter and the one inside her to.
christina A

At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok.. first off Jaclyn is my best friend.. And for all you ppl sayin she is popping out a baby every year.. get your facts right.. Maria was born n 05 and this baby will be born in 07.. Secondly Jaclyn does not treat her family like crap.. and if she has .. it is only b/c of the way she was treated by that family. She is not spoiled by any means and she really does not want to be living at home.. and honestly she is here almost everyday and she is a great mommy and my son adores her. Who cares if she has her daughters pictures on the internet.. i have my sons up also.. but when your page is private.. who cares.. And another thing.. Michael is in no way a ganster.. haha .. that makes me laugh so hard.. he is such a great daddy and even tho him and jaclyn arnt together he is still there for her as her friend. And i kno she may be happy about the new baby now.. but she called me cryin the day she found out she was pregnant.. she didnt do it on purpose.. why would she.. exactly like she said.. "and one more thing, Michael and i were together when we had Maria so what makes you think I had her to keep him? I already had him..." so y if it didnt work out between them and for them to be a family would she try and get pregnant again... and he never told her to get an abortion.. i woulda known because she tells me everything.. and to be honest she is happier with them just being friends.. I love Jaclyn and nobody on here knows her like i do.. and i am so sick and tired of reading all this bullshit.. cuz thats all it is is BULLSHIT!
And all u ppl are freakin cowards cuz you cant even own up to what you are sayin by putting your name.. and you shouldnt even be talkin shit either cuz you dont kno her..

At 2:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't even remember you Jaclyn, but you sound like you are a great mom. But please try using spell check or something before you post.

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you have been in customer service for so long you just type so fast and don't worry about the spelling of the words, you get the point of what it is sayin... also there is no spell check on here... thanks tho!!

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

awwwww poor wittle anonymous person to scared to say who they really are....probably b.c you are jelouse that jaclyn is such a good guess is that you have no idea what you are talking about..and obviosly don't have a life b.c you have nothing better to do than sit here and talk shit to a wonderful person and mother...i feel sorry for you!

At 9:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm watching American Idol and just heard Jaclyn's audition. She's very talented and it's a shame she didn't go further on the show!

At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw her audition too on American Idol Rewind! How adorable she was - and - probably- still is! Is she still singing? I'd buy her album


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