Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Roxie Mae - Vintage Love Letters

So my girl Roxie has put out a new CD, and knowing my weaknesses, she sent me out a copy all autographed up and everything. It's definitely a nice disc, and the niceties extend into the music itself.

There's something incredibly honest about Vintage Love Letters. It's far and away a maturation above Shades of Blue, which I liked, but also which was a freshman effort, and as is the case with most first releases had room to grow. There's something very raw, though, about Roxie's music. It's geared more toward a pop/country sound, but it's very stripped down, un-produced, and that helps some of the emotion of the songs come through very clearly.

I like it. And I think you just may too.

Roxie's CD is available for the low low price of $9.99 through iTunes, and at that rate is well worth your buy. And for those of you who still like the thrill of having a jewel case and an actual CD to have and hold, you can order it through CDBaby for just a little over $12. There are also six tracks available for sampling on CDBaby. I must emphasize, though, that the CD is meant to be heard in its entirety. There are quite a few different styles represented here, so check out ALL the samples.

You might also check out her Myspace and her website. Tell her J.D. sent ya.


At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This interview was awesome, J.D. and I think you asked great questions!

Anthony is a great guy, and he answered the questions wonderfully.

and I loved how you mentioned AFC, YAB, and TCF in there, as well!



Canthony#1fan from TCF


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