Monday, September 18, 2006

Talk Amongst Yourselves...

I want your feedback.

If you were making the perfect mixtape for a date, what would you put on it?



At 3:22 PM, Blogger Brownsoul said...

Oh wow.

Depends on who I'm going out with. I mean, it could range from my all time favorite "Let's stay together" what I think is perhaps the greatest R and B song ever, "Between the sheets" one of my favorite soul sistas, Jill Scott "Long Walk" THE song that's been stuck in my head ALL DAY, Outkast's "Morris Brown".

I guess it depends on the tone of the date. Someone you just met? What do you know about their music tastes? Are you trying to set a mood or do you just wanna share great music?

Music is great for conversation. What songs could you put together that are guaranteed to start some dialogue...even more fun, a debate!?

Now my personal opinion: A mixtape of classic R&B with a few newer pieces with a classic feel or even some's good listening and starts up nostalgic convo..."Awww. You remember when this used to be the jam?"

I don't know if this is good for a date, but I think a hip hop CD with some of the more "conscious" rappers. You could from Pac to Def to Kweili. Convo could go all over the place with this one, plus I get so freakin excited when I hear a brilliant line that sticks with me.

Even better: a mixtape of stuff that is a little different from what you know your date normally listens too. I LOVE when people share music with me. I am probably the most unlikely Mars Volta fan you will ever meet thanks to someone saying "give this a listen."

Dang. I'm excited! I need to pop in some of my favorite mixes...or better yet, make some new ones!

At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Sojourning said...

Well, first of all, I wouldn't make a mixtape but a mix CD, but um, that's just me. I hope that's what you meant.

John Hiatt's, "Have a little faith in me."

After that, depends on the date. Let us know what you come up with. And JD--Good luck with the dating. :)

At 6:51 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

I Want Your Sex

I Touch Myself

London Bridge



You get the idea.

(You know I am totally kidding, right?)


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