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Not music news, but interesting nonetheless, are the 2006 Upfronts, where the networks give their preliminary announcements about the next Fall's lineup.

Perhaps the most shocking news out of the whole batch is that 7th Heaven, which had been previously cancelled and had already aired a series finale, is back on the schedule and renewed for an 11th season. The longest running family drama ever was cancelled by the WB last year because the actors' salaries had made it a financial black hole. Each episode cost more to produce than revenue brought in. However, with the combining of the resources of the WB and UPN into the new network, the CW, the financial constraint is no longer an issue, and the show has been green-lit with an initial order of 13 episodes for the fall season. Fans may now officially rejoice as they prepare to find out if Sandy's baby really belongs to Simon, if Annie will go crazy running the teen mothers shelter, and how all of the Camden kids are going to survive having twins.

Here's a wrap-up of the rest of the 2006 Upfronts.


The following series have been picked up for another season: The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser, Crossing Jordan, the jumped-the-shark-ages-ago ER, Las Vegas, Last Comic Standing, all three Law & Orders, My Name Is Earl, and The Office.

New shows that have been picked up are 20 Good Years, The Black Donnellys, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Kidnapped, Raines, The Singles Table, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Shows that have been cancelled are The Book of Daniel, Celebrity Cooking Showdown, Heist, Teachers, The West Wing and Will & Grace.


The alphabet network has renewed Boston Legal for another season.

Cancelled is the popular Alias.

As ABC desperately needs to revamp its lineup this year to remain competitive, most of their shows will be new. New shows for this season include Brothers & Sisters, Day Break, Help Me Help You, In Case of Emergency, Masters of Science Fiction, Men in Trees, The Nine, Notes From the Underbelly, Six Degrees, Summer Share, Traveler, and Ugly Betty.


The Eye has some of the most profitable series ever, and as such, will be renewing quite a few shows this year, including The Amazing Race, Big Brother, C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation, C.S.I.: Miami, C.S.I.: New York, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, The Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, N.C.I.S., Rock Star, Survivor, Two and a Half Men, and Without a Trace.

New on CBS this year are two shows: The Class and Creature Comforts.

Officially cancelled are Threshold and Yes Dear.


Fox has also had success with many of its returning series (uh, hello, American Idol and 24??) so it's not surprising that they have renewed all of the following for another season: 24, American Dad, American Idol, Bones, Family Guy, Hell's Kitchen, House, King of the Hill, Prison Break, The Simpsons, and So You Think You Can Dance.

New series on the Fox network next year are: American Crime, On the Lot, Til Death, Primary, and Vanished.

Getting the axe this year for good are: Arrested Development, Killer Instinct, Kitchen Confidential, Malcolm in the Middle, and That '70s Show.


The CW, the merger of UPN and WB, has very limited news at this point. All that has been confirmed is what follows:

Renewed Shows: 7th Heaven (!!) and America's Next Top Model.

Cancelled/Ended Shows: Charmed and What I Like About You.

New shows: Mercy Reef (the Aquaman version of Smallville) and She Said, He Said..

Announcements as to the fates of Veronica Mars, Everybody Hates Chris, Smallville, Supernatural or Gilmore Girls have not yet been made.

Should be another interesting season, as TV once again beats the crap out of going to the movies! For future updates, check out


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Kat said...

Wow, thanks for the updates. Personally looking forward to hearing about OC (yeah, so?), Invasion, Surface (I'm not holding my breath, pun intended), and What About Brian. Oh, Lost wasn't on the list but am sure that'll be back... (it'd better!). I also know that Out of Practice was canceled (boo!!).


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