Wednesday, May 24, 2006


(I'll be catching up on the parts I missed during the commercial break...not live blogged...)

It's finale time!

Just a reminder...just because this show is over doesn't mean I will quit blogging. I hope those of you who came just for the American Idol recaps will stick around for more! I'll be doing some Idol stuff in the off-season, but I'll also be doing lots of other good stuff!

Okay, nobody on the pre-show is really interesting, so don't expect much of a recap on all that. Except for Peisha bragging about how Katharine is such a huge celebrity right now and that she has movie studios banging down her door. Yuck. I have never wanted to punch a woman in the mouth so badly. Peisha's dress shows just a BIT too much cleavage too.

And we start things off with Carrie Underwood who is singing alongside Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee. Taylor looks resplendent in his white tux. Kat sounds like dookie. Putting Kat up next to Carrie is like putting the retarded kid up against Michael Jordan in a game of Horse. And there are all the other Top 12 and background singers merging onstage in a cluster. I wish they'd all hush and let me hear my Carrie.

Ben Stiller and Heather Locklear are here to watch Ryan Seacrest name the new American Idol. Are they a thing now? Somebody who cares go find out for me.

Ryan paces the stage and asks who the American Idol should be. The audience almost unanimously shouts Taylor. There's a clip segment of Randy Jackson saying "dude" variously. I love Randy and all, but he is not much of an off-the-cuff speaker. Fantastic with a bass though. Now it's time for a retrospective on the drunken antics of Paula Abdul, set to Whitney Houston's "So Emotional." And now, the Simon Cowell version of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy." Randy doesn't boo. I'm impressed. I love how dapper Randy is tonight.

Quick trip to Birmingham AL as hotties Becky and Jessie O'Donohue vie for more camera time. Jessie is one of the luckiest ones this year. She didn't have to perform once, but she is eating her up some camera.

Quick trip around the bend to Tamyra Gray at Universal Studios. Tamyra is looking quite good these days!

Paris Bennett is onstage now with her Jheri curl wig. Al Jarreau joins her onstage. I know she's dying. I would be. Al is awesome. Paris has been doing some work. I love how she sounds tonight; now if she'll just not talk afterward. I'm not sure why the lighting guys are projecting snowflakes onto the stage. I'd buy this single, though, if they put it out tomorrow. I'd buy anything with Al Jarreau on it.

Chris Daughtry gets to perform onstage with Live. Chris looks as nervous as I've seenhim this whole year, as though he can't believe he's onstage with them. I can totally understand how he feels. They sound pretty decent, even if Live is shooting their street cred in the butt by appearing on this show. They do look like they were separated at birth, except for the height differential. I doubt this song would inspire me to go buy a CD, no offense. The best part is that Chris sort of subdues his goat-esque vibrato.

I don't think Emily Deschanel is all that hot. Her sister Zooey is good looking though.

Kellie Pickler is here to remind us of the "calamari" fiasco. Ryan actually said that calamari almost gave her a brain hemmorhage. Wow. Harsh! Kellie gets to meet Wolfgang Puck to get educated on fine cuisine. She's rocking her new bob and doing her best to read the menu. Kellie puts on glasses and asks "do I look smart?" Oh you don't. Kellie is dumbfounded by eating escargot and doesn't want to eat it. She gags on it, and becomes a total caricature of herself. She spits it out in her snot rag and tosses it on the floor. Why she would voluntarily submit to this type of humiliation is beyond me. If I were her, I'd have asked them to introduce me to someone less intelligent, like say Elmo from Sesame Street. They should've called this segment Punking Pickler. I wonder what it would've been like if, instead of calamari, they'd have exploited the "what's a ballsy" fiasco. Would they have introduced her to an adult film star? More importantly, since she did this production piece, does this mean that we don't have to hear her sing again?

I used to like Meat Loaf, but now that he's singing with Katharine McPhee, I don't know. Meat Loaf sounds ridiculously horrific. Maybe it's the health problems he's been having. He's been in a bad way lately, according to his website. Kat sounds great in comparison as they sort of act out the music video to this song. Kat wants to smile so much. It must be hard to do this with Meat so badly out of tune. His hand is trembling. Something is not well with him.

Ryan talks about how hard they have worked on the show, and he mocks the fact that American Idol has thus far won absolutely zero television awards, which, in my mind, is unconscionable.

The first Golden Idol is for Outstanding Female Vocal. Nominated is Cierra Johnson who sang an interminable version of "O Holy Night" that lasted for a couple of presidential administrations. Also nominated is Crystal Parizanski who is a clone of Paris Hilton gone completely wrong. And there's Princess Brewer who thinks she sounds like Aretha Franklin, but who actually sounds like Corky Franklin, the mentally challenged bus driver who works the third shift down on Union Avenue. The winner is Princess Brewer, but really we all are the winner here. Princess isn't at the finale, probably because 19 wouldn't pay for the airfare.

Outstanding Male Vocal nominees are: Marlowes Davis who picks his ears while assaulting ours. Derek Dupree, aka Mr. Pit Stain, who got not one but two chances to completely embarrass his heritage. And there's Crazy Dave Hoover who actually did get put through to Hollywood in one of the most extreme miscarriages of justice since O.J. Simpson got acquitted. He did sound better than Meat Loaf sounded tonight. And the winner is Crazy Dave who without doubt is going to be here to snatch up as much camera time as possible. What do you want to bet he's a pretty decent stand-up comic?

Between X-3 and Superman Returns, I am about to be one happy fanboy.

It's back to Punking Pickler, who is now trying lobster. Kellie is fake scared of the live lobster. For about five seconds, I think she's actually just a little bit cute. She pokes at the lobster with a fork, and then Wolfgang threatens to throw it at her. She screams as if someone was throwing acid on her or as if someone was trying to teach her to read. Poor girl does not know how to act around high society. Still....she's cute. I may be coming around to the Pickler thing....somebody call the medic, please.

Ace, Chris, Bucky, Chicken Little, and Elliott are singing "Takin' Care of Business. Kevin sounds like 20 miles of skinned-back mule backside. It's nice hearing Elliott again. And FINALLY Taylor brings out the harmonica! Gorgeous. They're wearing it out on "Tobacco Road." Ace...oh're not rock'n'roll. They seque into "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" and Taylor finally gets to sing a bar. The guys are running all around the audience, and they're just generally sounding better than most of the girls this year.

Oh yeah, the car-mercial. I guess one version of "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" wasn't enough. It's mostly a montage of the older car-mercials. I'd have gone out and bought a Ford if Taylor would've just reached over and laid one right on Kat's kisser. The two finalists both get brand new Ford Mustangs. Lucky punks.

More Golden Idols. This time for "Proudest Family Moments." Nominated are: Elliott Yamin's mother on his return trip home. McCrybaby bawling incessantly over how good Kat is. Chris Daughtry's wife, Deanna, on Chris getting through to Hollyweird. And the winner better be either Claudette or Deanna. Claudette Yamin gets the statue. I really like her a lot.

Elliott Yamin is up on stage singing with Mary J. Blige. I just want to say right now that I have been listening to Elliott sing "Moody's Mood for Love" from the new Encores CD all day long, and I love how he sounds on CD. I'm loving him right here with Mary J, as well. I'll buy two copies of whatever CD he puts out. I'll buy three copies. I love his work, and there's not much else to say.

Y'know, if all the Idol episodes had been this good this year, I would've had much more fun writing the recaps.

I wonder how Duets will be?

It's time for Carrie Underwood who just won an ACMA for Best New Female Vocalist and best song for "Jesus Take the Wheel." She's singing her new single "Don't Forget to Remember Me." Can I just add that she looks completely faboo? I thought she was hot last year, but I absolutely want to gobble her up tonight, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. This is a nice performance, but what did you expect? She doesn't miss a note very much, no matter where she's performing. Y'know what would be fun, though? Having the three judges give her a critique. Obviously, they'd slather all over her, but it would still bring back memories of Season 4, which was a much better season. I'm glad that Carrie, unlike certain other Idols, doesn't have a problem coming back to the show that gave her a career. Bravo!! Belissima!!

Another award: The Randy Jackson Public Speaking Award goes to Rhonetta. Miss Ghetto Fabulous gets another shot at public ignominy. I interviewed her this year. She's not that bad in person, but on the show...yuck. Rhonetta is working tonight, so she couldn't be here. What's the implication, here? I don't think that they're implying she's flipping burgers, if you get my drift. They get an actress to portray Rhonetta. That's NOT the original one. Interesting.

Taylor Hicks, the next American Idol, mark my words, takes the stage to sing "In the Ghetto" with the unbelievably hot Toni Braxton. Wow.... y'all excuse me for about five minutes. I need to roll my tongue back up into my mouth. Toni just gets better with age. Taylor is actually singing this song better than any performance I've heard of his this year. Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow.


Kat, Lisa, Paris, Kellie, Mandisa, and Melissa are singing "Man I Feel Like a Woman." Paris and Lisa sing the blues so Katharine can join in and smile until her chin cracks. The far-more-talented Melissa sounds fabulous, and Kellie doesn't sound awful either. I've missed you Mandisa. I still think Kellie's cute, but not as much as Melissa. Kat starts singing "Natural Woman," sounding miles inferior to Kelly Clarkson. Paris deserves to be in the finale more than Kat, no matter how much I dislike her personality. Paris was more fun, too. I've REALLY missed you, Mandisa. The girls are really flat on the end of that song and aren't harmonizing all that well.

Ryan is back to address us from the Idol pulpit. He pimps out the A.I. tour schedule. Now it's time for the Golden Idol for best impersonation. Kenneth Maccarone is nominated for his Cher impersonation. Seth Strickland, who is a nice guy and who interviewed with me earlier this year for my blog, is nominated for his Michael Jackson impersonation. Michael Sandecki is the next Clay Achin'. The Idol gay-bashing machine has come full circle at this point. And the Goldy goes to Michael Sandecki who prisses out on stage to collect his prize from a hot babe that he will unfortunately never feel an attraction for. He's going to sing. You can tell by his expression that he is actually trying to sound this bad. Actor. The real Clay comes out on stage, and Michael acts like he didn't know this was gonna happen. I haven't seen Clay Aiken with this haircut. Either Sandecki has learned to sing or they've turned his mic down. Say what you will, but I'm ready for a new Clay CD.

Now it's time for the finalists to sing a medley of Burt Bacharach classics. Burt comes out and starts tickling the ivories as Taylor, your next American Idol, sings "What the World Needs Now Is Love." Kat comes out with the red dress, sounding like a huge nasal cavity. Ace comes out sounding slightly worse. Melissa sounds better than everybody. Kellie sounds like Kellie, and since I think she's cute now, I'm not gonna say too much. I like the bling she's wearing. I almost about to apologize for everything I've said this season. Almost. Bucky sounds better than he's ever sounded, and I might buy a country and western CD by this guy. Did I mention that I miss Mandisa? Her song on the Encores CD sounds like diarrhea, though. Hey Lisa...missed you too. Her Encores track was ghetto booty too. Not good. This performance, however, is nice. Ahhh, Elliott. "A House Is Not a Home." Sing it to me, Elliott! Sing it so I can remember it and sing it to my would-be girlfriend Kellie. Wondermundous! And in stark contrast to that, Kevin Covais is ruining "What's New Pussycat." He sounds like the bathroom of Grand Central Station after Free Burrito night. Chris sings "Arthur's Theme," which sounds AWESOME. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: should've been Paris instead of Kat, even though Paris is wearing Spider-Man bling.

Dionne Warwick gets a second paragraph from me. No critique, though. She sounds wonderful. It's a nice touch to have her sing "That's What Friends Are For," accompanied by the new American Idol and that other chick in the red dress. Paula wraps her arms around Simon and Randy, and in what promises to be the final Paula joke of the season, she steals their meds out of their sport coat pockets.

It's time for another Golden Idol award for "Best Male Bonding." Nominated are: Ace Young and Chris Daughtry for their hug in Hollywood. Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Hicks for their falling onto the stage. Garet Johnson, Matthew Buckstein, and Michael Evans from the cowboy group in the Hollywood rounds. Really, this is just an excuse to recycle an old production package. And the winners are the Brokenote Cowboys. And they're going to sing. Seriously, couldn't Melissa McGhee have sung with Heart or something? I know why these guys didn't progress. Yuckness. This sounds like about 50 miles of gross.

Shouldn't it be about time to be getting down to business? No more guest stars, just results. Who will the American Idol be?

Whoa...wait a minute... Prince? Wasn't looking for that. Oh well, I guess the Purple One does have a new album to sell. He's still one of the best performers out there, but this song is only passable. It's definitely got an 80's feel to it though with all the synthesizers and drum machines. And Prince, too, I suppose. I like the second song.

Wow, with all the commercial breaks, I've been able to catch up with all the parts I missed during the first part of the show. My fingers hurt!

Taylor Hicks comes full circle as Bill Medley and Kat sort of stands in for Jennifer Warnes on "I've Had the Time of My Life." They both sound like it's time to stop singing and time for results.

Moment of truth time: 63.4 million votes last night. More than any president in the history of our country. It's time to introduce the guy who has the results. Ok, go away now. Let's hear it.

The next American Idol is...


Good job, America. Now it's time for the Soul Patrol to go batty.

Good year everybody. To all of you on ATAI, it's all over but the crying. To those of you on the official A.I. boards, thank you so much. To those of you on my blog, don't go anywhere...the blogging has only just begun.


At 9:30 PM, Blogger Drea Inspired said...

I was blown away by Mary...blown away by Prince, and I enjoyed some of the other performances.

I figured it would be Taylor, and I'm glad. I wonder what Simon was thinking. I know he saw it coming. Tayor Hicks just changed the face of the show!

At 9:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So who didn't tell me that the show started at hour earlier than usual? JD? Where were you when I needed you, my friend?

Anyway -- since I missed the first hour -- good thing you were bloggin' about it. I popped your words like Milk Duds at the movies.

So no shock tonight, but I admit I was a total sap for the whole freakin' thing, freakishness and cheesiness and sentimentality of it all. I knew I was being played -- but I didn't care. I just didn't.

At 9:55 PM, Blogger :) said...

Don't worry, JD, we're not going anywhere!!!

I love the cheese that is American Idol, and enjoyed the finale. Yay, Soul Patrol! The guys rocked, the girls helped make me not so sad I can't go to the concert this year. Seriouly, they weren't on their game tonight. And Prince was the only celeb guest that was fantastic to watch. I love how he's so full of himself, turning and walking off the stage as quick as he arrived.

JD, you were very kind in your review tonight. I should have live blogged this one, I was an armchair quarterback through the whole show. I thought Toni was tasteless, Meatloaf was horrid, Dionne was off key on that last big note and Mary J looked terrible (seriously - those glasses? Those earrings? That top? ugh!) and totally screeched that entire song. Good thing the judges weren't judging the stars tonight!!! Still, it was fun to watch, and thankfully it was mostly singing and not too much filler (thank god for the tivo and starting a half hour in - made it not as painful to get through the commercials and is how I get through most every show!)

So, the countdown continues....7 months 3 weeks til next season, right???

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Ali said...

Velcro - I thought you had the best recaps on the board. BUT I don't really understand what happened to you after Chris was voted off - you seemed to lose your objectivity, along with your wicked sense of humour. And then with Elliot's elimination, you appeared to lose your ability to judge the performances fairly and just started to be nasty. Kat is not as good as Carrie, granted - but she is much better than Kelly Clarkson (did you see last nights CMA show - YIKES she sucked! Sharp the whole song). The fact that Kat held it together with Meatloaf tonight (what key was he in?!?) was nothing less than amazing. And in all her side-by-side performances with Taylor, she was just miles better. He may be a mildly entertaining performer, but he has a very unexceptional voice. I was not a big fan of any of the final 5 this year, with the exception of Elliot, who grew on me - but of all of them, I think Kat will end up with the biggest career. It'll be like season 2 - after all, did you see Reuben tonight? No! But there was Clay, retarded haircut and all... I feel that Taylor will definitely go the way of Reuben...and if I NEVER hear the words "Soul Patrol" again, it'll be too soon! Good luck to all of them anyway - and I hope to see all you Canucks, starting next Monday, for Canadian Idol! P.S. If you want to hear a really GOOD performance of "Levon" check out Billy Klippert's version from CI.

At 10:08 PM, Blogger Jordan Behan said...


The show is just going on the air here...but i couldn't help myself; I read your post!

Now I have to somehow keep it a secret from my wife!

Soul Patrol!!

At 10:25 PM, Blogger J.D. said...


I don't happen to agree with your assessment of Ms. McPhee (and thankfully neither did the rest of the country.) But still, we all have different opinions, and I'm glad you could contribute yours and was motivated to visit me here!

I don't think I lost my wit at any point of the contest, least of all after Chris. I, like the judges, just expect more and more out of the contestants as the competition moves on. That is a close mirror to the real world. The further you go in the industry, the more people expect out of you and the harder they are on you.

I suspect, though, that I just offended your favorite contestant. In any case, I'm still as funny as I ever was (which is not much) but hey...glad to see you here.

At 10:38 PM, Blogger Ali said...

Hey J.D. - it's not so much that you offended my "favourite" (cause I didn't have one!); rather, I'm just completely unimpressed by Taylor. I just do NOT get it - the voice, the look, the clothes, the dancing are all totally see-you-at-the-bar-round-the-corner...and you seemed to feel the same way, until Chris left! So I'm just baffled at your "late in the game" embrace of Taylor & the whole Soul Patrol schtick. But, like I said, good luck to all of them - and we'll see who ends up with more record sales in the end! And, just so you know, I'm not a "troll" - I was banned after I posted my opinion that the AI producers have a legal responsibility, as employers, to get help for Paula (as she's obviously not "well")! Otherwise I would have commented earlier. But I'll keep up with you here - you really are very talented. Cheers!

At 10:53 PM, Blogger J.D. said...


I didn't think you were a troll. To explain just a little... When picking the horse you want to back, you can only pick from those left in the race. I was never a huge Taylor fan ever, as you noticed. I wanted Elliott to win. But when it comes down to Taylor vs. Kat, there's no way I want Kat to win. So I pulled my punches a LITTLE with Taylor (though if you read closely, I still got my digs in.) To me, he was just the best of what was left.

Glad to have you here, Ali. I'll be looking forward to your comments in the future!

At 10:56 PM, Blogger Tallyflute said...

man, the show was awesome! what great entertainment!


(if they'd waited any longer to announce the winner, my TIVO would have cut it out! As it is, I missed Kat's parting words.)

At 11:01 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

By the way, check in tomorrow for a review of American Idols Encores CD

At 11:20 PM, Blogger Ali said...

Thanks J.D.! And like Dancewriter says "It is great entertainment!" It's maybe not so much about great Talent, as Chris & Elliot & Mandissa & even Paris can testify....
But I think Kat has more potential, long term, as she is just more vocally maleable than Taylor (of the remaining contestants); and she is extremely attractive. The family, wardrobe malfuntions & screechiness can all be manipulated by a good producer - which AI will want to do, since they reap the profits. She's a marketing dream! And with a younger girl fan base and added male interest. Perfect!
Did I think she was better than Carrie? No way. But, they are both similarly "unemotional" in their approach to singing. That hasn't hurt Carrie - I thought she had the best performance tonight AND she looked stunning.
Technically - come on!- Kat's just better than Taylor. Many singers in this competitioan were. It comes down to "personality". It bothers me that there seemed a very personal bent to the bias against Kat at the end. Saying she's like the retarded cousin? Bitching about her parents - below the belt. She always looked too happy, too sad, too smily, too fat, too slutty, to immature.... Yikes! What about her singing? Most of the recap comments, which used to feel so balanced, began to feel downright meanspirited. It made me really uncomfortable. Javier was one of the best the other way - he really seemed to try to stay unbiased and fair. So it would have been nice to see more of that - and more cross-the-board humour!
Sorry - I had a lot to get off my chest!

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have said "its all over but the bickering." Sheesh!

At 11:44 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

All good points, Ali. I'll try to remember to be objective when I catch up with some of last year's Idols this June! (Y'all look for me to blog that a lot.)

At 11:48 PM, Blogger Ali said...

I'll visit you daily! Thanks for a good season - all the best!

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey JD ... read your blogs and appreciate your work to keep people updated on your opinions. You did great this season ... hard work.

I liked Kat better than TH, but I think TH will do very well (and not disappear.) The one thing I liked about TH was how he ended the show, thanking everyone and pulling everyone together. He has experience working an audience and closing a show right, and he showed it by winning the majority vote.

You are wrong in that America agrees with you ... maybe there were 3 million voters and maybe 45% of them didn't agree with you. TH only won the Majority, like Bush.

So, the personal attacks on Kat actually make your blog less popular. Anyway, it's your blog ... just some feedback, and I recall you asked for it in our audioblog. Yes, keep being funny, but don't get personal in your attacks, because you will lose the very thing you want ... an audience.

Bye for now ... you're ok. Thanks

At 2:25 AM, Blogger bad kitty said...

I just love how much I agree with you!!! Elliott freakin' rules! Pickler is a dingaling. Taylor on harmonica is awesome! Clay is fabulous! And Prince was a most excellent surprise! And Mandisa? OK, I guess I miss her pipes but NOT her perspective. Us gay folk (who LOVE big divas who can belt out the notes) are very quick to turn on the folks who don't like us for, well, for being us.

But wait, Pickler seems to have cast a magic spell on you or something...say it isn't so! Maybe she's a little cute in a small-town sort of way, but don't go there! NOOOOOOO!

At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too felt that after Chris left you really turned on Katharine. I looked forward to reading your blog all season, but it was less and less appealing to read when I knew you were going to slam everything about Kat. I know you're going for humor, but a lot of it was too much. You scorned Katharine's parents for cheering when Ryan announced that Elliot was leaving, but did you consider that perhaps they weren't cheering so much for his elimination, but that their daughter made the final two? Katharine can't be as terrible as you've been indicating to make the final two without the support of sites like votefortheworst, nevermind that Katharine had been de-pimped by the judges for weeks for performances that were still quite good. I like Taylor a lot as well, but to see his supporters attack the other contestants doesn't help his cause.

God bless,

At 4:13 AM, Blogger Lian said...

Hey J.D.! Great review on the season-ender of American Idol - we got many similar reactions to some parts I guess it'll be too long to say them all!

First of all.. Yey for TAYLOR HICKS! Soul Patrol all the way! Finally, a guy to boot after two ladies win for the last 2 seasons.

I love the part when Michael was so shocked to see the REAL Clay Aiken behind him - and Ryan Seacrest offering Michael to sit down! XD~ Clay is 'the bomb'!

I woke up early this morning just to watch it live via satellite while it's happening straight from the Kodak theater in Hollywood. Phew! Worth it. Totally!

Link you again in my ramble about my huste-bustle for today.. Over and out!

At 4:24 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

Josh, I only have two words for you:

Neener. Neener.

Nuff said.

At 4:26 AM, Blogger J.D. said...

Seriously though, guys, just because I bag on your fave contestant doesn't make it unfunny. Get a grip. You all laughed when I made fun of Pickler and Brenna. I just don't think Kat's all that. And guess what...she didn't win. :) Hee!

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to mention that Kat is NOT as good of a singer/performer as Taylor, sorry Ali. Kat is a different style altogether. The style of music that she sings forces her to be compared to people like Mariah, Whitney, Celine. So... she is just like them, only not as good. Taylor on the other hand, has a soulful style. He can be compared to people like Ray LaMontagne...Joe Cocker... and he IS just as good, or better. Not to mention that he is an amazing performer. I can't take my eyes of him when he's up there. So when you compare the two, taking into account their different styles... yes, Taylor is better. I'm sorry he just is. Not everyone has to sing the teary-eyed, pop "dream come true" songs with super high notes to be considered a good singer. Either way, they both have record deals. I'd buy 10 of his before I'd buy 1 of hers.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Tallyflute said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Tallyflute said...

When I think about who is "better" as the American Idol, I think about who I would be willing to spend money to see, and even more than that, who I could stand to listen to live for 90 minutes or more. When Taylor performs, even if it is not vocally perfect, I can't help but smile because his enthusiasm is contagious. While I think that Kat has the better voice technically, she is nowhere the entertainer that Taylor is, at least not yet. I think that some time on the road will improve that so maybe after the tour is over she will be more of a showman (or showwoman to be PC).

I think she should hit broadway, personally. She would make a good leading lady in romantic musical.

At 11:28 AM, Blogger Ali said...

Now I'm starting to feel badly - so I'll comment for the last time on this (I promise).
I am not, repeat NOT, a big fan of either of the final two. But IMHO Kat is technically a much better singer and will be more successful, ultimately, than Taylor.
I think J.D. was spot on with his humour & critiques right up until Elliot was eliminated - and then he said he was throwing his votes behind Taylor even before the final show-down. That is when I felt he got personal about Kat - and, esp. as a feminist, I believe that some of the comments about her(from many recappers) became downright cruel & mysoginistic. It wasn't amusing to me to read about her "slutty" attire etc. What did she do to earn such vitriol?
In all the comments I've read from her, the worst I can say is that she appears somewhat immature. Presumably, she'll grow out of that - but Taylor isn't going to grow an improved set of vocal cords!
Please check out that Billy Klippert version of Levon that I mentioned - Taylor IMHO just is not that good!!!And you can't see his "fun" dancing on a CD, even if you like it - which I don't. Anyone here remember the kick the mic stand moment? I don't get the appeal - but that is just my opinion!
The humour from J.D. was fantastically funny - until it became openly one-sided. As a loyal reader (I've now bookmarked this blog) I just wanted to give my feedback about what could make his recaps even better in future.
Good luck to everyone - I'm sure they'll all do very well - and have a fun day!

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

america disagrees.
i think taylor has this amazing, smokey quality to his voice.
I love his voice.
You don't.

But that doesn't mean that he really ISN'T good. That means you think he isn't. I, on the other hand, could listen to that voice anytime... yes, even without seeing him perform.
JD was spot on with critiques all the way through...because this is HIS blog and he's free to put his opinions here, even when people disagree with him.

Now...check this out.

At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

america disagrees.
i think taylor has this amazing, smokey quality to his voice.
I love his voice.
You don't.

But that doesn't mean that he really ISN'T good. That means you think he isn't. I, on the other hand, could listen to that voice anytime... yes, even without seeing him perform.
JD was spot on with critiques all the way through...because this is HIS blog and he's free to put his opinions here, even when people disagree with him.

Now...check this out.

At 9:33 PM, Blogger Ali said...

I'm not interested in that nonsense! You are proving my point!!! Now you go to this link - cause that is what I am talking about! He'll just be harder to produce, for obvious reasons. And let's just leave it at that, shall we?

At 10:23 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

Settle down, kids. Let's all play nice-nice with each other :)

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummm your link didn't work, Ali.
And what point of yours was it that I was proving, again? I must have missed a few beats or something.
MY point, is that Taylor won because he obviously had more votes than Katharine and therefore more people liked his style than they did hers. Simple as that. Move on.
Sorry JD... but sore losers just agitate me. :s.

At 6:32 PM, Blogger Ali said...

You know what Anonymous? Maybe you are right - maybe you posted a link to Katherine auditioning for a play unrelated to AI, where I believe she is supposed to be beached whale, in order to prove that Taylor is a better singer.
The only point I've had about this all along is that I don't feel it is necessary to denigrate other people on a personal, rather than technical, level in order to support your favourite.
I think J.D. did a truly admirable thing in apologizing to Keliie, for example, as he must have recognized that his comments veered from being merely humorous to unkind.
These people sign up for critiques of their singing when they go on this show - not a critique of their entire life. Remeber where it says "Judge not, lest ye be judged" in the Bible?
It is a shame, again IMHO, that the comments from many peole on the boards, including many recappers, didn't stay at on the professional level.
And on a final, personal note - cause I'm so over this - if you want to know who my real favourite was - check out Chris Young from Nashville Star. I voted like crazy for him & never voted even once for anybody from AI5.
But I do really have to give you props, as our friend Randy would say - our little disagreement here has made me vow to be more pro-active with my local chapter of NOW, and for that I sincerely thank you. Have a nice day!

At 9:49 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

I saw that video of Kat. It was unflattering of her, to say the best. I didn't like her much after it.

I'd say some criticism is warranted, like in the case of Brenna Gethers, who openly came out as a jerk on the show. If someone is equally obnoxious, I say go get them. That's where I realized Kellie hadn't crossed that line. In my limited interactions with Kellie, I can already tell she's a sweet sweet person, and every other contestant I have talked with speaks very highly of her. So I feel like she deserves an apology. Brenna? No. Kat? Probably not.

As for Chris Young, what a talent! You should talk to Kelli Ann (FairyTailsAusies on the boards) about him. She knows him.

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Ali said...

Chris Young is awesome!The song he wrote, "drinking me lonely", will absolutely be a big country hit. When he sang it on the finale (not so much the version you see on the web)THAT was a stand-out TV moment - the kind of moment we were waiting for in vain all season long on AI. Watching Chris perform that night felt, truly, like witnessing the birth of a star. He is so talented - as a writer, singer & artist and at that moment everything came together for him & WOW! I felt the same way when Clay sang "Bridge over Troubled Water" - like a witness to music history! Casey Rivers was good as well - it was a great show this year. And I was just watching Miranda Lambert's new video - for a much less popular show than AI, Nashville Star knows how to find and promote talent. What do you think of having Anastasia on A.I. - maybe as a guest judge?!?

At 11:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you, Ali... but....
when I posted that link, I didn't say anything about a beached whale... I have no idea where that came from. I figured any idol fan would want to see a video of any of the top 12 pre-idol... as a Taylor Hicks fan, Lord knows I wouldn't protest against a video of him rolling around on a matress!

I even like Katharine. Not only is she beautiful, she has great pipes. She can wail, there is no doubt about that. Do I like her as much as Taylor? Not a chance. The only thing I said that was even remotely negative about her was that she is not as good as Mariah, Whitney, or Celine. And if we're talking about the "technical" aspect of it all, well then that's just a fact.

So, I guess that I just don't understand why people are crying "judgement." Where is the judgement? I believe that Katharine probably even deserved to be in the top 2. I also believe that she should be thanking her lucky stars that she WAS, since she almost got voted out twice.

What kinda miffs me is when people say that Taylor only won for his stage presence or personality. While I am sure that landed him SOME votes, there are also people like me who TRULY love his style, his voice, and think it's refreshing that a MUSICIAN won. But I guess maybe you have to be a musician yourself to get that appeal? I don't know.

While some people try to rhyme out reasons why Taylor SHOULDN'T have won: "not easy to produce" "mic-stand incident" yadda yadda.... yeah! You can be sure I'm gonna defend my boyyyyy! And that's what I'm doing.

No hard feelings, obviously just two different opinions, that's all. And hey, I'm pretty sure there's room for more than one opinion around here.


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