Thursday, August 08, 2013

Don't Call It a Comeback!...

Hey, guys and girls!

Who am I kidding...I have no idea if any of you out there who used to read me years back will ever see this. It's been (checks watch) 4 years since I last posted, so it's highly unlikely. I could pretty much say anything right now, and we'd get a first-hand answer to the question of a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it.

Anyway, if you ARE still out there, or if you stumble upon me a few months from now, or if you just needed something to read on your iPhone while taking a crap, thanks, I guess.

The bulk of my old posts here were about the show American Idol. If you look a few posts back, you'll see me snarking on people like Adam Lambert, who totally didn't deserve it, but it was fun at the time. Idol was fun, but I lost interest in it (as did the rest of the American population, apparently.) I really enjoyed the friends I made, both on the show and among the fandom. The years that we shared with Idol Waves Radio were some great times. I still enjoy keeping in touch with several of those people. But life, much like Christmas dinner on December 26, moved on.

I spent the last few years in China, which was pretty rad. I'm definitely not the same J.D. as I was before I left. During my time there, I had a daughter, and she is the cutest, most adorable thing that ever existed in the history of babies. Seriously, I defy any of you out there to have a cuter baby. I'll put my genes against yours any day!

But here I am, looking back on the blog, wondering if I might be able to pick it up again and move forward. I doubt I'll be doing A.I. recaps anymore. It's been done. Perhaps I'll go back to the roots of the blog and just talk about music. Or maybe I'll just wax comedic on whatever strikes me as funny. We'll see.

For now, here's an awesome K-Pop video that I love.

Rock on, ramblers!


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