Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random Ramblings

I'm finding the music and entertainment news section of Google today to be relatively vapid and uninteresting. I know, I know, how's that different from any other day, right?

It seems like when I was a teen it was easy to get excited about what Metallica was doing or wondering what was going to be Run DMC's next single. Nowadays it's like who cares? Maybe I'm growing up to be my dad, who officially stopped caring what musicians were doing at the conclusion of the 1950's. I wonder sometimes if I'll be one of "those guys" whose record collection consists only of the hot artists of my own generation and who poo-poos these new artists. I'd like to think not, and my digital collection is completely current, but there's a big difference between what's on my computer and what's physically on my CD rack.

Anyway, on to what the entertainment news du jour contains.

So, Britney Spears is moving down to be with her preggo kid sister, eh? You know what they say, birds from the same trailer flock together. Yeah, I just called Britney a bird, which I suppose is better than calling her a baby-factory, vajayjay-flashing whore. Kinda sad to see little Jamie Lynn following in her footsteps. I have to admit, I didn't realize that nine months had gone by, but I guess the time has come for the youngest Spears to add her contribution to the group of kids who will inevitably be wondering around the Spears family reunion saying things like "are you my daddy?" or "please kill me before I grow up to be one of you."

Li'l Wayne has the best selling album? Isn't he one of those guys who only shows up on other peoples' CDs?? Based on his recent singles, I'm baffled that the album even showed up. Rumor has it that Young Jeezy wasn't actually drunk when he got arrested recently; Li'l Wayne was on the radio, and Jeezy was just trying feverishly to change the channel.

I do, however, feel genuinely sad for the families of Tim Russert and Cyd Charisse, both of whom passed this week, and I join the rest of you in saying "why couldn't it have been Mario Lopez?"

Speaking of overrated Lopezes, Jennifer Lopez makes an appearance at an elementary school graduation for autistic kids. She must be really getting desperate for venues. Either that or she was there for tutoring. Guess we'll find out if she starts including a "sitting down, rocking back and forth" dance move into her stage show. No word on whether any children were injured by her planet-eating backside during the event.

But the crowning story of the day is how three Brooklyn high-schoolers put chocolate laxative into their graduation cake. Now you know me, and you know I don't want anybody to get hurt, but c'mon...every last one of you know that you've thought of doing it, and you're secretly jealous that these guys actually went through with it. For me, it would've been a special cupcake for my spanish teacher. I would've ruled the school for having him erupting over the boys' room dumper. Of course, nobody would've ever been able to sneak a smoke break in there for a couple of days without the risk of a mini-Hiroshima going off, but that's the price you pay. El burrito es muy bueno!

Anyway, those are my random thoughts for the day. Enjoy.

Oh, and while you're enjoying, just thought I'd point out that Brooke Barrettsmith's new single "Farewell" is now available on iTunes. (Click the link to get it.) Just thought I'd plug it again, since she left me such a nice comment on Myspace today.


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