Friday, June 29, 2007

Okay, so we know what my Technorati rating is...

...but what would my blog rate if the MPAA were putting a rating on it? Well, I found out.


As it would turn out, I said the word "suck" 3 times. I said "suicide" twice (referring to someone's career suicide and the death of George Reeves.) And I used the word "punch" once (in reference to punching in a pin number.)

So parents, as I move forward into the Reality TV Convention (some of you are also coming, right?) this weekend, please make sure to provide parental guidance as you read my blog.

Convention's this weekend...can't wait to give you all the hot news when I return!

(Disclaimer: The blog rating was provided by some dating site called "Mingle." Musical Ramblings does NOT endorse this site, does not know anything about it, and wouldn't enter any private information if it were you.)

(UPDATE: Within the course of this posting, my blog rating went to a PG-13, only because I repeated all the words it found offensive, and it found the word "hell" which it had apparently missed before.)


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