Friday, June 30, 2006

MY APOLOGIES for a lack of actual blogging this week. Believe it or not, I've had a lot of things in the works, but I have been slow about getting them finished. I actually have three Idol interviews in the works that I'm getting ready to publish soon (I hope) that I hope you'll enjoy.

For the moment, though, life has been busy. So, while we're waiting, just a few quick rants.

I got one of my least favorite responses from a woman when I asked her out on a date this week. (And no, it wasn't Kellie Pickler.) "I'd rather hang out with a group." Uh???? Let's forget for the moment that that answer had absolutely no relevance to the question I posed, which was "would you like to go out on a date sometime." It's not the first time I've heard this response, so I'm curious where this comes from in the female psyche. My first assumption is that it's simply a nicer response than "I'd rather cover my body with flesh-eating leeches than go out with you." But if it's NOT, then it totally blows my mind. How can you have a quality date and learn about somebody if you're around five million of your closest friends? Or, let's be honest, HER closest friends. First off, you've got her chatty little girl friends gabbing it up with her, running off to the bathroom with her, and doing whatever it is girls do, but basically precluding her from paying any attention to you at all, let alone speak to you. Second, you've got to compete with all her guy friends who are ALSO trying to get a piece of the action whether she knows it or not. Maybe I'm old school, but doggone it, if I can't have a one-on-one honest-to-goodness date, then I don't want it. My thought is this: unless you believe in group marriages, don't group date.

And if it is the case that you don't want to go out with me, respect me enough to just say it straight out. I can't count how many times I've heard the "yes I'll go out with you, but I'll be busy every weekend until Dakota Fanning starts drawing Social Security." Y'know, I've been accepted, and I've been turned down. It happens. I can handle it. How self-important must you be to think that I have to be let down easy over you? I mean, seriously, I'll get over it. What I won't get over is a dishonest response. I will resent you for that.

I also got one of my favorite responses from a potential employer. "We don't have anything right now, but we'll keep your application on file." Never mind that the file in question is located on the liner of their pet guinea pig's cage. At a close second was "we should be getting back to you by the end of the week". Or the year. Or the decade. If ever. That's okay. I'll just sit here unemployed and subsisting off of Easy Mac till you get back to me.

If you haven't figured it out by now, Emily and I ended things amicably a little over a month ago, and I lost my job last weekend. So far it's been a banner year in JD World.

Okay, end of rant. Those are just my observations from the past few days. It's not really as bad as I'm making it sound. I consider one job lost to be another opportunity to do something I've never done before, and I hope to make the best of it. As for the relationship thing... well, let me get the job first :)

So...essay question time... What are some of the words that you hate to hear the most? It can be from anybody in any situation. C'mon. Make me feel better!

P.S. That picture of Stevie Scott at the beginning of this blog has absolutely no relevance to anything in this post, but it's awfully hard to stop looking at, so I thought I'd put it there!


At 11:42 AM, Blogger Ali said...

Wow J.D. - that really sucks! Sorry to hear you're going thru such a hard time. Just remember, whenever a door closes a window opens and all that crap! I agree - when anyone tells you they want to go on a group date it means they are "just not that into you." It would be better to hear a blanket refusal, but you can take it as a compliment that the woman in question respects you enough not to want to hurt your feelings. And with the interviewing process, don't hesitite to call back on your own. A follow-up phone call indicates to a potential employer that you are motivated - it might be the tipping point for them and actually get you the job.
Anyway, look after yourself & try not to get discouraged. Check out this blog for a good laugh - this guy is hilarious!
And enjoy your holiday weekend - we celebrated Canada Day yesterday and it was great - food, drink, fireworks, family & fun is a good recipe for forgetting your troubles! I'm sending positive thoughts your way. Take Care!

At 5:21 PM, Blogger RC said...

tough break...bummer.

as for words i don't like to hear...i don't like "fine" as in "it's fine" or "i'm fine"

those things mean nothing!

--RC of

At 12:20 AM, Blogger Kat said...

Oh my, sorry to hear about the big changes! Will pray for the right things to come your way. As for disliked words/phrases, I know I've got some but none are coming to mind right now. However, I got to know my spouse through group dating and honestly wish everyone could 'date' in such low-pressure circumstances!! It was college so there was a lot of 'hanging out,' and I'm grateful for the opportunity (we're both introverts & the approaches were hard enough as it was, lol!).

At 3:37 AM, Blogger bad kitty said...

Sorry to hear about the girl and the job...Don't know if I can be of much help on the female psyche front, as I've never understood why people aren't direct and upfront either.

I've always given the polite, "no thanks" when asked out by someone I wasn't really interested in. Although there have been a couple of times when I've been interested in hanging out with the person because I like them and enjoy their company, but just wasn't sexually attracted to them, and told them that I was interested in hanging out, but not dating - maybe that is what that chick meant with the "group" comment?

As far as jobs go, I think a writing job should fall into your lap - you certainly have the talent and the skills. Keep trying - it'll happen.


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