Monday, December 05, 2005


The freak show that is former mouseketeer Britney Spears' life continues, this time with an announcement that Britney and Kevin "I Wanna Be a Star Too" Federline are building a huge, expensive nativity scene in their son's bedroom (which likely is larger than most of our apartments) with little Sean Preston AKA Future Therapist's Goldmine starring as the baby Jesus. There will be lots of wax figures as well as life size donkeys and sheep.

Did any of you ever have anything that traumatized you for life, for instance a scary stuffed animal or clown? Imagine then, that mommy and daddy dearest put all kinds of these stimuli in your room and decided to put you in it to sleep. "Mommy! Daddy! There are wildlife in my room!" would be the approximate thought pattern of most normal babies. To say nothing of wax wise men and bizarre Joseph and Mary statues.

But I guess that's what celebrities with more money than active brain cells do.

Good news, though. According to her psychic, Britney will soon have yet another child to completely screw up, thus confirming her complete pop-star to trailer-park-trash transformation.

Apparently the psychic hasn't been successful at saving her marriage, which appears to be going the Nick and Jessica route for the time being.

Thanks to Dave Barry's blog for pointing this and other incredibly hilarious/disturbing things out.

I'll do my best not to report on Britney ever again, at least until such time as I have the opportunity to mock Kevin Federline's rap album.


At 4:35 PM, Anonymous michael said...

Birtney and Cletus, by their own existance, have already traumatized that child to the point of no return. Reality is already altered - living in a nativity scene probably won't do much.


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