Sunday, October 02, 2005

Natasha Bedingfield's new CD, Unwritten, is one of the better pop CDs on the market.

The album was met with mixed expectations. Music lovers remembered her brother's CD from a couple years ago, and while that album was a good effort, it seemed a little too saccharine at times. They should've known better than to compare siblings, though, because in this case, Natasha delivers the goods with both power-pop hooks and amazing vocals.

Unwritten begins with the Top 10 hit "These Words (I Love You)" and doesn't stop there. Natasha belts out the lyrics, with a sass not heard since Pink fell off the charts. She's no Britney, and she lets you know it right away. Not content to whisper her songs, she belts them out with an amazing range and an incredibly strong voice. Unlike many other pop stars, she doesn't need to mask a sub-par voice with raspy, low-pitched vocals or depend on sexy videos to make up for lack of talent (though she is easy on the eyes.) She comes off powerfully and surprisingly soulful for a Brit.

Download "These Words" if you need a sample. Otherwise, hurry out and buy this CD!


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